Ruto on citizen tv...

Is this the man who you want to lead the country really???


Ruto ON Citizen T.V

are you talking about the Kamiti bound Arap Mashamba

Yes this soon to be convict, if someone is seriously contemplating to elect this condescending man then there’s a problem in kenya

anaswing left hand yake kama pink handle

It is as if ruto is living in a different kenya from what i know…wow…utopia,…hahah

He’s alluding that Kenya is way better than the United states

You can clearly tell from her body language that she is taking the questions directly from her earpiece, anytime she interjects the DP she rolls her eyes and later coughs to express affirmation

Hata staswitch. Akwende akanyambe na uko=============>

NONSESNE duke of upussssss

Omonto omobeee piiiii…timoancheti

Jamaa anajua siasa.

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Hapa tulicheswa ni sawa tu …we accept and move on

Lol , crap

Oyu no’ moisi omoriri embere bosa


nimjinga muelewe

according to this man, Jubilee has employed more ppl than ever

He’s handled it like a boss! Wapi maswali ya Naswa? I apologize for doubting this man. Even Ann is ashamed of asking him about Eurobond. Looks like he was well prepared for this engagement. I loved the facts he gave. Starting with the price of fertilizer in 2008. I cant imagine it was 6k back then and nine years later it’s 1800. No wonder babuon sacked him as agri minister to make some quick buck. Sometimes i feel the subsidy of farm inputs is making farmers lazy and whiny. Let’s see if maize will be 90 bob kesho

What about sugar?, Milk?, Tomatoes?, Si wa import pia?