Ruto has slowed my development progress -Uhuru


As sambamba say, jambazi sugu la miraba minne na misuli tekenye lafaa kupelekwa nyumbani!!!

Uhuru is right. Ruto should have waited at the line for the baton to be handed to him, not being impatient and running back to pick it from Uhuru before uhuru has finished his part of the race.

A poor workman blaming the tools…

Hii ni Akili fossil

Uhuru cohabited Raila immediately after 2017 election. Did you want ruto to wait for endorsement from the duo???

We don’t even know when ouru raila started plotting this bbi thing. Probably way back after 2013 election. Ndio ruto akaanza kujipanga… ama namna gani?

Everybody is making excuses. Uhuru, Ruto, Raila.


“Tell them to stop insulting me. They will know where the votes comes from next year.” We dont wait for anything else

Why is this man on the campaign trail? This should be enough to worry Kenyans. The more he talks the more he messes. Why can’t he just leave peacefully next year? There is plenty of work at the Ngina dynasty and he can golf all day too and follow formula one across the globe. Kenya itasonga mbele too. I actually wonder why anyone wants to inherit all that debt.
He accuses WSR of campaigning yet he has selling the BBI for a v long time.

Go tell Obama to go home and pay golf.

Electing uhuruto was a mistake and it’s about to be repeated next year.

nuclear coded message if you know you know

I don’t see where Obama is coming in here.

How much?

unye unachoma picha sasa ,desperation ni mbaya…

kijana ya @poyoloko unasupport BBI ukiwa upande gani

Leadership is taken not awarded. If it wasn’t then President Uhuru wouldn’t need to form TNA to retire PNU. He wouldn’t need to form an alliance with URP to birth Jubilee. Lastly he would have accepted madvd as Mt. Kenya mafia in 2013 candidate as he was forced to accept him and temporarily end his Presidential quest.

All this is conveniently forgotten now because President Uhuru and Kenyatta family were poor time managers. They didn’t get to get their northland city built fast enough. They were not sharp enough and organized to put all their ducks in order. Then power got into their heads as the eating become too sweet. When they eat its considered taking dividend payment from their household Kenya. Everyone else is stealing but not us. We are royalty dynasties and taking what we have built for Kenyans. Now time is up and DP Uncle Ruto refused to negotiate with a weak hand. When they schemed against him, he schemed better and more efficient. All this explosion of emotions is just unwittingly acceptance by Kenyatta clan that DP Uncle Ruto swept the carpet under their plot and covered them with the same carpet. DP Uncle Ruto went directly to central and Mt. Kenya and won the peoples heart. He made the region his stronghold. So why bargain? Since we now have talks who really has the strong hand? State power that is diminishing or Peoples power that is increasing and has not time limit?

All you people are witnessing is pawns of negotiations. As President Uhuru openly and embarrassingly begs his former base for favour, bribes them to attend his fake bravado meetings and artificial praises from githeri media point to a cornered desperate President. The worst thing is that he underestimates the locals ability to read through all this BS. They understood ICC political case so why thing they can’t see through this betrayal BS.

Today chief Hustler is in Kakamega for the 100th time spreading the hustler wave so effortlessly by reaching out to peoples hearts directly. You can’t do that by just writing cheques.

Point No. 7 well noted.

His avarice and impatience is what will cost him dearly.

He has been totally insurbodinate to his boss. The President. Try that anyway else and see how quickly you’ll be shown the door. In his case, he WILL NEVER BE THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA.

You can take that to the bank and cash it.

Says who?Ni uncle ruto liwe liwalo