RIP Ras Kimono

Nigeria’s reggae star Ukeleke Onwubuya , popularly known as Ras Kimono, is dead.

The 60-year-old died on Sunday, according to close family sources, who revealed that the musician was rushed to a hospital in Ikoyi after he slumped on Saturday.

The President of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) Mr Pretty Okafor, described the reggae artiste’s death as a big loss to the music industry.

Ras Kimono, whose debut album Under Pressure, led by the single Rum-Bar Stylée, was a big hit on the Nigerian music scene in 1989 .

Besides Under Pressure which was released in 1989, Ras Kimono had other hits, including, We No Wan in 1989, What’s Gwan in 1990 and Rub A Dub released in 1990.


Ras Kimono won many awards, including City People Movie Lifetime Achievement Award.

He hit the Nigerian music scene in 1989, before releasing his solo album.

Ras Kimono was in a group called The Jastix along with Amos McRoy and Majek Fashek.

His music was greatly influenced by the poverty, inequality and hardship he witnessed in his early life.

He released Under Pressure on the Premier Music label in 1989, which propelled him to instant continental stardom.

The album had hits like Under Pressure, Natty get jail and the massive hit Rhumba style.


Ras Kimono later released a string of hit albums, touring all over Africa, Europe and the US, promoting his brand of reggae music.

By 2010, he was still performing to a loyal fan-base of all ages and his music is still played throughout Africa.

Ras Kimono served a long apprenticeship on the Nigerian music circuit, experimenting with a number of styles, before making his late 80s breakthrough as a reggae singer.

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RIP Ras Kimono…I never knew he was Nigerian.

Always rememeber him for his hit, “under pressure” in the early 90’s
May his soul rest in peace.

Me neither

Kumbe ni m-Naijo:eek::eek: Always thought he was Jamaican.:D:D

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Under pressure we wail under pressure…

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You have a vivid memory for an old 4sil…:smiley:

It has driven you deep down memory lane?

Now I’m in my office humming this song…good ol days.

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1987 4th all africa games, venue, kasarani, ras kimono perfomed under pressure in the opening ceremony. First time i heard the song. I remember PJ powers also performed in the ceremony. Only fossils can recall.RIP Rasta.

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An apt reminder of how time flies, yesteryears kid is today’s grandfather.
Hot chics in the 90’s are today’s Mother’s union members @pseudonym?

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