RIP Ras Kimono

you are not young. kama ulikuwa hio…

W*nkers’ anthem? Lordy-LORD!

And we used to find Patra explicit. She can’t hold a candle to the current music videos when it comes to being explicit

@patco si wewe ni ancestor ya zinjanthropus:D

Ng’ombe hii.
Hizi maswali uliza kwa inbox.

Hii thread imetoa all the wazees from the woodwork.

If you know Ras Kimono,wewe ni mzee.

Hahaha…True that

He was Nigerian? That I did not know. Rip

Rest in peace Ras

I have never heard of this man before.

It was? :smiley:
Thanks gods I was a wee one then.
It was my lullaby…

Mimi sinanga Mother’s Unions please!
Neither I’m I in those chamas. Wacha kunizeesha saaaaana bana .

@introvert , hii enzi ulikuwa na afro , sio?

Nilikuwa napiganiwa aki.

Rest in Power Rasta, we shall meet again under the legs of his majesty.

It has always been. Think about those lyrics.

There goes my childhood…
I just listened to it as an adult for the first time.

Katika harakati za kupiganiwa hapo ndipo uling’olewa nywele?