REVEALED: Mauki family expose listing behind Klist downfall

Do u guys remember the listing of makauzi (young teen gangsters) that saw many teen gangs including mauki family exposed. Well that listing did not sit down well with many. During that expose Mauki family threatened to sue Klist and thirdman but they were unsuccessful. But all hope was not lost, these guys kumbe had IT savvy youths in their family. At one time if u can remember @Msuper’s handle was hacked. It took Klist Admin weeks to get back @msuper’s handle.

Now some how these kauzis decided to go hard on the paint. They went straight to web hosting site that hosts Klist. That Site is called go-daddy. I looked into go daddy site and discovered that Klist had a contract that was to expire in March 2015 bt it was suspended after some one complained of abuse by Klist------------->

Comment: Please send abuse complaints to [email protected]

Klist contract was terminated Early january. Sasa shida iko wapi? it seems like Wanderi lost all the database when hosting rights were terminated. The mungiki is forced to start all over again…meaning that when and If klist ever returns all u guys will need to re-register afresh. Also all older listings wont be there. The site will be like a new site… Sad to say so but that is the truth

S/O to supu and jakenya…i know u are reading this--------> didnt i tell u…DIDNT I…foolish cunts…These two idiots thought Klist ni ya mamayao…hope u have learnt yr lesson.

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thirdman alifanya poa, i’m surprised hao mauki wako tech savvy.

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You don’t know shit about websites
Klist domain is still under wanderi.understand first what us a domain name and what is hosting

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The domain has definitely changed hands, it must have a new owner, most likely wanderi sold it to somebody who was interested in running it.

Registrar URL:
Registrant Name: Registration Private
Registrant Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
DNSSEC: unsigned

For complete domain details go to:

Information Updated: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 10:29:00 UTC[/CODE]

That theory of Mauki family sabotage doesn’t make sense.The more probable theory is that Wanderi screwed up his hosting machine and lost all the data,he desperately tried recovery but failed.Now he is in the process of moving his hosting to a more reliable cloud and rebuilding his website.The delay is most likely being caused by the mediocre developers he has hired to re-engineer his website.:wink:


kuna day nilipost hii story ya hii mambo alafu wmlisting ika angushwa…

@This is Gold pia wewe umefanya research poa… wacha tuongjee admin tuskie… but can godaddy dump the websites database?!

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:smiley: Looks like you should read up on Domain Privacy before you make noob comments like this.

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@Davidee hio sio poa, here we don’t reveal peoples identities

@churchmouse wale wameiva tech wamenyamaza sijui mbona kujichocha hapa.Siutengeneze facebook yako basi tuende huko.

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Wacheni kuanikana…

Tuongojee jimmy wanderi atupee feedback kama anataka

Chezeni chini mnabishaniana ujinga…

I rest my case. :frowning:

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That listing made me an enemy of the people on klist when i told them off about technology impossible things they were talking about. I tried to explain to them in the best way possible y what they were talking about were not possible but nilionekana kama an enemy to their progress of lifting pics from Facebook n posting them there

Deorro. ww ni mauki family ? nashuku na ww ni mod—waa

The only time i hold guns is when am paintballing at paintaball furry. I even don’t know if they are real guns

Well well well, like someone said up there, the mauki theory does not hold water, nobody can just complain of something and godady goes ahead and dumps a whole site, they need to verify that info first with the contract holder, upon which wanderi should have taken action and removed the offending listing.

You guys are giving mauki too much credit…in my view they are gangsters who are too dumb to do anything useful with their brains.

Verdict. …mauki had nothing to do with klists troubles.

Here is my theory however, that mauki listing attracted alot of traffic towards the relatively unknown site. This would include hackers based here in kenya looking for a new challenge esp campus guys. So I am guessing that it was just a random hacker who messed up klist. Remember someone had warned wanderi that klist was prone to sql injections? ??

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@The.Black.Templar yeah iyo story ya SQL nakumbuka… alafu wanderi akalenga nkt!!

most likely it was a heavy attack

*facepalm mwenye site analengaje threat ya sql injection!

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