REVEALED: Mauki family expose listing behind Klist downfall

I hope our @admin is reading this.

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For one, that Mauki shit doesn’t hold any water…i also don’t think wanderi was such a dump-ass not to have a secondary backup somewhere even if its date back to 2 or 3 months back. My theory is, Wanderi/Host provider is dealing with much greater force maybe something of more magnitude that to could mean him being deported back to Kenya. So the nigger was faced with 2 choices either he drop the site immediately and unconditionally /he go back to kenya with nothing but clothes in his body…now you tell me, if you were wanderi what would you have done??

Mauki were doo dumb to do such… Bmy theory no that Chloe caused the disaster

chloe?? who was that

Swali ni what happens to our listings and favourites??

haha jakeyno alihangaishana kweli…

Huyo jamaa alipatwa na shida za pesa.a site with that much traffic and media content can be expensive to host.likely alikuwa analipa kitu 50 - 100k monthly.zile ads za kiupuzi alikua ameweka hazikua zinaleta return on investment, thats why he tried tightening things by weeding out guys using adblock software because that was causing a massive loss of ad revenue.lately he got those date 254 ads, this was perhaps a vain attempt at new revenue sources which didnt what happens when you dont pay your hosting provider? They send you warnings an if you dont act they simply deactivate your account and delete your data, even the backups they had.forums are difficult to monetize.

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