Resigning from work. Elders nisaidieni...

Niaje wadau. I have been pondering about resigning for a while now.

I have realized there are glaring disparities in pay scales. i.e. two people with same job description, but you’ll find one earns thrice or even more. The same goes for junior officers. Someone very green, we ndo unamtrain job yet at the end of the day they bag more than you.

And I’ve also come to understand that no one cares about work deliverables. As long as hukuletwa na who is who, what you can achieve, or bring to the table doesn’t matter. You will remain a bottom of the barrel employee, while others take accolades for your sweat. It is serously depressing at times.

I have been saving some few coins and I’m sure by end of May 2022, nitakua place interest ya hizo savings zitaweza nilipia rent + a few minor expenses without touching the principal.

I’m also wondering whether i hold on nione post election atmosphere in 2022 before I make my move.

Who has ever dared to quit from employment, and venture into the unknown? All factors considered, do you regret?

This issue is taking a toll on my mental health.

Can’t relate but here is my advice. Start something ukiwa job even if the pay is less. Just quitting bila plan can be fatal.

Some start businesses that burn through their savings bila huruma and end up even not working out.

Alternatively, you can take some courses and look for another job.

Basically wivu is taking a toll on your mental health

Kaa tuu hapo until post 2022

wait for the elections to pass then quit… I am sure you have money, a plan, shelter etc… if your are married and have a family, rethink this plan well

Theres your answer.

Wanted to do the same but eventually opted not to.

  1. When your out here and making money already…why go back to school?
    Unless its for prestige…personally im syking to enroll for a theology course…not because i want to join thr clergy but i owe it to myself to learn more about The Most High.
    Or unless you set up a firm offering proffesional services…i honestly dont see the need for school.
    Labda ka short course ya something your interested in.
  2. When your out here you can learn more by volunteering around and bonding with retirees and working with the active ones…youl learn more that way in my humble opinion…shule ni theory mtupu, go out there and do stuff…umeona thread ya mtunguyaz huko mtwapa!?..thats how you learn.
    But elders advice hapo juu iko sawa…ngoja 2022.
    Good luck & God bless you.

that is none of your business… wewe fanya kazi pako, don’t quit because of this unless you are paid very little… dont even look a what your deskmate is making, utakufa moyo… Niliangalia na nikaona I was the least paid person in that place yet I did the most work

Two options from someone who has resigned four times the fourth being kwenda kuhustle:-
[li]Stay put but don’t kill yourself with work. Fanya ile kazi umeandikwa. Pia wewe anza kuregarega kama kila mtu uache iende vile itaenda. Some of us have this saviour mentality where we feel that if something is not being done then you have to do something. The extra effort you have been putting Into the job direct it at your side hustles;[/li][li]Quit and start working for yourself. That way, you will take all the responsibility for the success or failure of your hustle. It really helps to have something to keep you going for at least six months.[/li][/ol]

Reason za OP quitting isn’t about himself but looking at someone’s plate.

From the description, ni civil servant. Use the free time you have to develop yourself in skills or business.

haiwezi kuwa civil servants!
si kama ni walimu wa job group L mishahara ni same isipokuwa labda house allowance na wenye wanapata remote allowance…
same goes for other civil servants…

ii ata haikai a proper corporate organisation:D inanuka kwa Patel na wajinga wenzake industrial area

Bro, kazi shida kupata and you thinking of quiting. take my situation;

Am a supply management warehouse supervisor.and am multi tasking on different positions jobs;

apart from my day to day business of warehouse supervisor, am doing data entry, time sheets entry, inventory control entries, purchasing PR, receiving PO physically and in our materials handing system, supervising our chemicals yard & drilling yard, all these extras apart from my day to day warehouse business, there are employees for each task but they have all been dumped on me. i once wrote a strong mail to my boss about these other jobs requesting O.T. etc, and i’ve been turned down. the chemical & drilling yards are far away, i requested an extra labor to be the eyes of the chemical area and was turned down, was told, whether you want to work, keep quite or you can pack and go home, nilifunga mdomo wangu and continued.

this isn’t the time to think of quiting, have patience no matter what, time will come and you’ll come out better.


How did you manage?
Considering that however much unajituma, there is little to no hope for career progression juu hakuna “mwenye amekushika mkono”

Hiyo inakaa media industry…my uncle resigned from media because of that shit.

He did so after realizing a newly employed slayqueen, whom he was mentoring was earning 10 times his salary just because she was brought by then communication minister bwana bitange ndemo

Hata kama ni wivu as you put it, what would you advise/ any thoughts? Especially considering that chances of upward mobility are close to none since hakuna “mwenye amenishika mkono”

Sande sana.

Since it does not appear like anyone cares about delivery, fanya hiyo kazi kimangoto. Just show up to work and just do the bare minimum. Ukieza fungua biashara yako ukue unaichapa kwa mneti ukiwa hapo job. Why quit free money kama hakuna mtu anakufuata na quality???

If you have the skill and experience, you can always take the risk of quitting and starting your business. If it fails, get back to employment. I have done that three times.

It’s good you have saved some amount, invest in a viable business after doing some market research.

Otherwise, usikubali kupata ulcers cause ya job related stress.

Your uncle anaeza elewa. I’m sure after mentoring her, the thray queen quicky progressed to become his boss, hata in less than 2 years.

From description OP is definitely not a civil servant.


Pole boss…wah.
But o.p amefika point of no return…yeye ndiye anajua pahali inamfinya…yeye amefika breakpoint wewe bado unaweza skuma.
Akiendelea ku skuma anaweza haribu vitu huko o.p ndio aende hasara.
O.p is pulling out hairs because of frustration…i can totally relate…like an elder has said msipate ulcers ju ya ofisi ya mtu.