Resigning from work. Elders nisaidieni...

I quit my job 5 years ago when I realised I was never going to achieve my dream of becoming a birrionaire as an employee. I had started some side work before making that decision and as I look back, it was the best decision I ever made. Plan your exit well and when ready, go for it!

Wacha kuuzia mwenzako uoga. Kwani kila mtu anafanya kwa kampuni moja ndio ikae ni kama ukijitoa huwezi pata pa kuenda?

Yeah i got him, its ok, i wish him the best in whatever decision he makes.

hakuna uoga namuuzia, nasema what am experiencing. what he does is his, not for myself or you, i wish him the best in his decision.

I resigned from a well paying job just before the corona pandemic last year feb… long story short sahi my main source of income ni betting. The good thing is that i decided to go back to university to complete my degree and i hope soon things itafunguka. Unless you have like two million in your account, don’t resigned from that job. It is better utafute another job for the time being

Why specifically 2 million? Why not 1.5m or 3 m? Or even 1.999m? Suppose uchujwe na huna hio 2m what do you do? Kill yourself?

True.Some lecturer who taught us cyber security used to really insist on one going back to school for masters.My classmates who did CIM only after graduation have big sales and marketing jobs in tech companies buana

2M ni kidogo sana.When i got retrenched i blew 750k in two weeks before settling down dfor bizz.2M without a solid plan can get finished within a month or two.

I said at least two million, OP was talking about resigning si kuchujwa kazi

If you have plan two million is enough, my plan was to import sugar from Uganda, hata nilipata importation authority letter but after kupata hiyo barua the govt ikaamua kusimamisha all sugar importation.

Kama ni kwa serikali kaa ukule ushuru yetu polepole

haigwes kuwa serikali…
serikali mbona ujisumbue na kazi si kugonja mshahara ukiwa ktalk:D
tena job groups mishahara ni same unless utafute promotion

Contemplating the same. Mimi job hata hakuna wasiwasi and my pay is above several workmates but that doesn’t matter to me. I however feel my time for employment should be over soon and should venture into farming. The step is not the easiest to take but I somehow MUST

Hapo kwa theology umenifurahisha. I actually want to serve God more but my employment ties me down. (not many here will understand this though)

Hapo umeongea Kama wazito kumi pewa mbili kwa bill yako

Tafuta side hustle and divert your hard work there utafaidikia huko nje

You already are…your just yearning to do more.
Your on the right path.
God bless and good luck.

Thanks bro. I want to do more

jaluo jinga

Ulikula 750K simping for a yerro yerro mountaneer. Hiyo pesa ungepeana nyumbani usaidiane. Na usiseme waki sawa. There’re always better things to do than simping.