remember to shake after use

[ATTACH=full]5639[/ATTACH] Suppuu ! No more drama in public loo

what? hehe so we can go to the same urinal

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There is a pub toilet i used to go to and on the wall in the urinal there was graffitti reading ati
WE AIM TO PLEASE,YOU AIM TOO,PLEASE! gerrit?! im sure kondoo kama @uncle nyam it will take them about 10 minutes to get that joke.


Mimi sijagerrit :confused::confused:




Some won’t gerrit but claim otherwise :smiley:

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what is this??? some females be trying tooo hard to be males :smiley:

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I get it…but it aint that funny

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But will have to expose makalio…

So how will they balance between kufungulia ngotha nywas na kushika hiyo ka upuuus ndio wasijikojolee. Imagine mmama na zile nguo za mothers union akiinua ndo awekere hiyo gadget


That thing is a waste of productivity

I seriously agree hio ni shida tupu, better they stick to what they are used to.

Hiyo haina faida.

If you are man it takes abit of precision to wee inside the “bowl” which is why you women always wonder why the toilet sit has been left up. Its because i dont want you to sit on my piss and as a man,the mkojo has its own direction when it leaves the cock and its never where you want it!(especially if you are drunk)
So the joke is … Aim your cock and mkojo into the toilet bowl please and not on the floor or toilet sit,because we the establishment also aim to do our best to please you!

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Am guessing after use they still have to wipe the nyaus with tissue paper…(too much work),
but I am sure some of them just twerk and walk away no f*cks given na sijasema ni @Supu don .


Thats just when they are sober. I was once living in a house with one toilet na choo ilikuwa upstairs so one day i had a major bash vile i had my first son and there must have been at least 40 people there.Mchana everybody joined the que mpaka majamaa alafu kagiza kanaingia unaona wasee hawashuguliki na choo tena washapata place kwa fence hiyo ndiyo urinal.
By midnight kameshika,kila mtu yuko drinks mimi niko sobanesi being the host ile maneno niliona; All the lady like wanawake wana heshima zao who had even come with their husbands and kids walikuwa wanaenda ata nyuma ya gari unaona amepanua miguu kiasi,skirt imeinuliwa na ka-thong kamevutwa mbele…the next thing utaskia ni kama kunanyesha. Three minutes later ukikutana na yeye anataka ati kukusalimia na mkono …eeeewww!!!
The next day garden yote inanuka kama choo but it was a sight to behold especially ukiwa sober!.. it makes you think!(if you know what i mean)
Sikuchukua mbisha so this could well be a Hekaya or just a daydream! Or shall we call it a “wet” dream?


your application for The HOYA awards has been received and filed. thank you :smiley:

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Try to aim in total darkness even when you know precisely where the bowl is.