remember to shake after use

I have gotten it now …

I still dont get the joke

I missed u too…


That is your opinion.
Only thing about opinion is that its cheap,because everyone has one.
I bet you still don`t get it but the earth will still go round…woo hoo!

Women went commando long time. Ngotha is only during periods, and only because you don’t want to stick the pad on the futhis.

Tafadhali back this up with a photo, unataka tujue aje hata wewe…

Now thats your opinion about my opinion, which makes yours even cheaper I guess

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@uncle nyam = @The.Black.Templar =Malenge bure kabisa

This should be your next venture after the decoders.

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Selling what, pads that stick on futhis ? Jehovah…!

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Umenimiss @kabuda?matako mzee

hehehe. kazi ni kazi.

Why do women hover over the toilet seats? It must be very uncomfortable o_O

Haha. Lakini fuata maagizo ya @The.Black.Templar hio mbisha ikuje fwasta

White people tings …our creativity is still at charcoal-sand water purifiers level.

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…because they think they are gonna pick up germs from a toilet seat …but on the other hand hovering is good exercise too;)

hii ni recycle.exe
i saw it on Klist tenee…

i hear some ladies use TP after short call :confused:

They say computer keyboards and door handles have more germs than toilet seats. Toilet seats get thorough cleaning every so often. I have never seen anybody wash door handles. Ditto computer keyboards.