Remember the last time kenya restractured

It was during moi era when the economy was absolute trash. Just to give you an idea of where we are right now. Looming land collapse coming. Kijana kama ulikuwaumejiseti poa,now is time to grab some cheap property for yourself. Forget the fake bubble. Here is the reality of the economy.

State job cuts loom in Yatani deal with IMF for more cash
By DOMNIC OMONDI | December 2nd 2020 at 00:00:00 GMT +0300

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani when he appeared before Committee on Finance and National Planning at KICC in Nairobi on December 1, 2020. [David Njaaga, Standard]
The government is planning to merge or dissolve hundreds of State corporations, a move that would see thousands of civil servants lose their jobs.
The latest restructuring, which is expected to start after Christmas, is one of the key conditions of the deal that Kenya has struck with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for release of crucial funding for budgetary support.
The deal between Kenya and the IMF brings with it echoes of the 1990s-style structural adjustment programmes (SAPs) that saw civil servants sent home as a condition of Kenya receiving aid from the World Bank and IMF.
While the World Bank has not yet given Kenya conditions, it has advised the government to cut wasteful spending and increase its efficiency.

Emillio Mwai waKibaki worked so hard to deliver Kenya out of the shackles of the Bretton Woods Institutions , and Uhuruto chained us back to this Institutions. I ask once again, What had waKibaki seen in MDVD ?
As of land getting cheaper, i really don’t think it’ll get dirt cheap, remember, we devolved corruption, and there’s corruption money in every corner of Kenya as we speak, this money is what is stabilizing/cushioning the real estate in .ke.

There’s is only corruption money if there’s an economy generating wealth. Just because we stop growing does not mean things will remain stationary. Shilling will lose value and the economy will contract.

The government is already admitting they can’t raise revenue. If there’s no revenue, there’s nothing to steal and there’s nothing to pump into counties.

Counties are not magical units that sustain growth if the national economy has no growth. In fact,they will die quicker.

MaDVD helped kenya a lot time ya 1993-1997.

Goldenberg? You know he is the person who first issued funds for Goldenberg.

Kuna watu wameficha pesa hii Kenya, and some of this money is holed up in offshore accounts.

I thought its saitoti who was the minister?

so wataileta kenya nchi ikisota becuase they love the country so much?

:D:DI read some comments here that are devoid of logic nachoka

Goldenberg ni mambo kidogo. Ingia website ya CBK utafute documents za health ya uchumi wa kenya 1991-1995.

Saidia na link.

haitaki haraka, ni documents mingi. ujue after 1992 pesa kuprintiwa kiholela uchumi ilikua pabaya.

To those who say afadhali Moi they should know that it was total chaos and interest rates were 85% unlike now mnalia about 14%. Kibaki and Uhuru have managed to stabilize the rates/economy. In the Moi days only the very rich could afford a car. And it was unheard of for someone to buy a car before building his own house.

it is going to be bad very soon, used car importers are feeling the heat already. Very soon new imports will be out of reach of many considering also banks won’t lend to everybody. na this is only an increase of 10, if we hit 120 and above, we’re doomed considering Kenya is an import country hata toothpick will be now a luxury item . Middle class wakujaza LC waitiki watarudia mitumba clothes sasa

"Mr Munyori said that new shipments of the 2013 Toyota Fielder cost Sh1.5 million per unit from Sh1.3 million while the price of Toyota Axio 2013 model is set at Sh1.25 million from Sh1.1 million. "

Used car prices jump as shilling hits historic low - Business Daily

What I have never understood is why Kenyans talk about the latest politics 24/7 hata tumbo ikiuma juu ya njaa

We aren’t on the same page at all.

And always complain too much as if we were Singapore before

Mimi huona watu wakidanganywa hapa ati owning a home or land si poa nyef nyef nyef.
2021 will teach everybody the importance of owning a home and a piece of land to do some subsistence farming.

Niliona some 50 x 100 land huko Kitengela almost junction ya Isinya, almost 5Km from the road inauzwa 1M nikajua real estate ni umeffi. Na mnaambiwa kuna airport itatengenezwa hapo karibuni. Hizo title middle class wanalipia an arm and leg are just waste of time. You will never use that land

yaani kuna msee aligongwa 24 years na goldenberg, akagongwa na 2008 economic downturn, na hakujifunza kukaza mshipi akangongwa na corona tena?