Redsan does not play! Beat up his producer, Sappy, to a pulp after failing to release his album.

2018 na hakuna video? Hapa hakuna kesi.


There should have been a kafindeo angalau…we see whose the CHICKEN NOW. Now all that drama ya “Wewe ni mwanaume nataka usimame” ,“Reddy wee ni Msenge” na hatuoni vile ngumi zinatembea haitusaidii.

LOL hope Kuna video, sounds like a serious kichapo, heshimu kazi ya mtu, after creating hype, having an album launch then some lazy swahili faggot delays ur album.

Nimeona somewhere ati this time round wasanii pia wanadroppia producers beat

I’m afraid that the audio doesn’t meet the minimal evidence threshold… Enda ukalete video mkumbafu.

I like to make the producers sweat off and scream, Put you right on my theme make you want to just scream cause you calling out for me, calling out for me

What’s my name again…REDDD! What’s my name again…REDDD!!

now we know he’s releasing a new album

Mimi naskia Reddy, kwani ni Reddy Amisi

Red who?

True. I had heard somewhere on the grapevines that he was to release an album. I suspect only I knew about it in my whole ward. Now with this, a few more people know.


Had a great performance on Saturday night though.
Been a fan since Jam Session days. Hehehe.
Hio live band iliweza!

Khali’s time was too short.
DeMarco is a joker. Total waste of time.
T. Savage… Not a Naija fan even the slightest but she put in work.


DJ washa taa
wacha watu wabanjuke
weka speaker na bass mpaka lips zipasuke…



Kali. :D:D:D

I’d say this is bullshit but I still have to figure out how someone can remain semi-relevant for this long.

But the dog’s barking, so the tension/fight could be real.

But yet again, dog’s do the most sometimes.

Verdict: Publicity stunt until a findeo proves otherwise.

fideo ndio hii


Ok, it’s real. I’m sold.:smiley: