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I noticed that most celebrities huko majuu especially men kwa bio hawana watoto even at 40+ years. The trend is less common among women. What do these men know about relationships that they decide not to sire any kids or to have kids very late in life?? Just wondering.

Mutura-ndom si ulisema uko na baby mamas watano…ama umeanza kushuku ulichezewa karata…brare fooool…answer that question yourself…guok!

I don’t know who broke your heart but it wasn’t me. Hii anger yako…who hurt you this badly

U always attack MGTOW boys na sasa leo u want advice from us? Negroe tengeneza handle ingine halafu urudi

:D:D:D:D Wewe ndiye chairman wa hizo handles zingine zako za MGTOW. Kwa hii forum red pillers hawajapita kumi, na saba ni handles zako zingine ni vile sipendi kuambia watu.


Sawa wangojee wanakuja watakujibu

You mean your other 6 handles akina @Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe etc:D:D:D

Simple ,wako na red pill knowledge are aware of female nature

Perfect example is leonardo dicrapio the guy is almost 50 he only dates supermodels that are blondes and they have to be in their early twenties and on top of that he makes them sign NDA.

Marriage is extremely overrated and overhyped.


Simple. Because men are judged differently by women… Most of the actors got their big breaks wakiwa mid-30s so they were hustling for acting gigs in their 20s and early-30s…

Hiyo time ya ku-hustle hawakuwa na kakitu, so no LA or NY chicks wanted them… But once they got their big break, why cut it short by marrying…

They extend the peak mpaka late 40s ama early 50s, the world is your oyster… Why cut short your peak by marriage?

Foul commited and the referee waves play on. Hujuma

My fren. Majuu si mchezo. If you’re a man of means and sire kids best be prepared for 18 -23 years to absolutely take care of them or you will be taken to the cleaners. Literally and figuratively. Especially by gold diggers.

There was this one Kenyan dude the next state over. He was married, had a nice house, wife and think two kids. The marriage fell apart. He had to move out, pay the mortgage, child support and alimony. Meanwhile another ninja is sexing his wife in the house he was still paying. The guy was so stressed out nearly died in a car accident juu ya mawazo.

Needless to say, the courts mostly favor the women. Look at what Brad Pitt is going through with Angelina despite his wealth. Shida tupu.

Quite why one based in NBO would fuata these lost cebrities majuu for guidance is beyond comprehension. Reason why I preach, take advice huku KT at your own peril. This poster has fathered several kids and created singo mums…

And false sexual harassment/ rape allegations can screw one’s life and career. Na bibi akikuchapa wewe ndiye unashikwa. :(:(:frowning:

Because thats what will start happening in KE soon, in fact, its already happening. OK, maybe u wont face the same legal repurcussions as in the states, but best believe that those kids will never recognize u as their dad. Even if u educate them upto PHD level, their mom will poison the shit out of them.

What happens when the guy finishes paying for the mortgage. Will the house go to the ex-wife?

Kikikiikiiii you broke his heart through the @M2Random handle

Few days ago I was having a conversation with some relatives (female cousins) who were contemplating which one is better, alimony or child support…

:D:D:D:D… Life is about to be tough for young men in this Kenya of ours… These young feminists hawajakuja kucheza, marry them/impregnate them at your own cost