Red Pillers/ MGTOW

It is quite sad how they buy the BS wholesale. George Clooney had vowed to be an eternal bachelor…broke many women’s hearts. Got married in his 50s and sired twins with a woman who had made it in her own right.

Don’t know for sure but during the divorce proceedings the property is valuated and whatever equity is built in it, the guy gets paid his half. Otherwise the wife and kids normally stay in the home.

Have a buddy from the islands, Trinidad, he’s an engineer. Makes good money, lakini his ex anamkamua proper with support manenos and he’s most always broke. He had to buy another house.

Women are master schemers. I was listening to the joe rogan podcast and he was explaining a certain situation which his good friend is in where the guy was married to his wife for 12 years and they have been divorced for 14 years.
Keep in mind they did not have any kids with this woman but the guy still has to pay alimony for the rest of his life the woman does not even want to work so He basically fucked her so hard she couldn’t work anymore.

Sindio. The wife is awarded the house by the courts to safeguard kids future.

Mind you, they’re in campus… So you can imagine the thinking of that entire group-age; they think getting alimony or child support as the ultimate

Maintaining a marriage is no longer on the books in this new age, cucking is the new norm… You’ll be paying for your ex-wife/mama-watoto kukuliwa… Miss me with that B.S

Its not BS, in my life, i have come across many men who have messed up the trajectory of their lives by ‘settling down’…I have never seen a bachelor fail for cruising solo…

Bila kids nachukua one way ticket to the Caribbean ama South East Asia nikule mali mdogo mdogo.

It’s not about kids’ future my fren, because even a drug-addicted violent wife can be given full custody. Pussy pass is real in the courts. :mad::mad::mad:

Its the failures following that advice. Sane alpha mails like Karauri are too busy harvesting money from beta chieth that are full in Ktalk and Kenya. Kenya is the best place for men. If you don’t want to pay child support either you bribe children court to give you sole custody I know men who have done so. Or you tell your exe she must continue having sex with you and never be seen with any other man if she wants to see a coin from you. I don’t know what these fools following westerners on here are on about when even a billionaire like Ruto doesn’t pay child support. Kenyan men are having a field day. While Hawa wako huku wanabeba misalaba ya western men.

:D:D:D I was about to advice you lakini nimeona wewe ni adui ya MGTOW.

Tusema Mara ngapi ,go MGTOW , be in control of the reproduction ,and make her sign a legal N.D.A …never succumb to the herd mentality, know thyself and do thy will

Hapo sawa boss.

Social media is probably the best and the worse thing to ever happen to the human population.

mimi nimekata makende natomba kutomba childsupport ni wewe

south africa is alsso worthy and the ladies there are smoking hot

Niaje kapondi nipe number ya judge anaeeza nipea sole custody:D:D:D

Unataka sole custody ufanyie nini? Children need their moda