Real Estate (Land)

Am I the only one who thinks land prices in Nairobi and environs are highly overpriced? Consider this, a plot in Ruaka goes for 20-30 million. That’s bare land. The same amount is enough to buy a prime plot in any of the county HQs where all devolved funds will go, and to build a flat to completion. My point is, owning property in Nairobi or environs, specifically rental or commercial property, requires very deep pockets these days. I am of the opinion that mtu anajijenga would get a better deal for his money in the counties than here. Just my opinion.

Watu wa subcowntee wanaonaga kuishi nairobi ni status.Wacha waingie jiji wengine waingie huko mashambani

brown skin ni Kama vile mtu hujenga stone house na mabati one is cheaper

My point is, kwa mtu añajijenga, ni wiser kuanzia counties ukikafunga ukuje Nairobi kwa wazito. Ukisema utaanza Nairobi you won’t make any meaningful progress.

Oh dear here we go again:rolleyes:. M2RANDOM bring your tabulated stats.

Consider this…
50x100 in Wendani 15 million. 1bd rent 15,000-18,000
50x100 in Utawala 6million. 1 bd rent 15,000-18,000

Sasa ukijenga Apartment Muranga nani atarent? Alafu rent ya Murang’a ni cheap sana. @bedrooms is less than 20k, hizo pesa zako zitaanza kukujenga lini?

Consider this. Bedsitter in Wendani ni 10k (not sure but most likely). Land is 15 million 50*100. Bedsitter in a certain location I know huko county ni 5k. Cost of land 2.5 million. Watu wawili wakiamua kujenga, who gets a better deal??

Mtu hujenga town sio ocha. Near a major town huko counties, sisemi uende huko interior :smiley: Secondly kuwa mjanja. Target the low end with bedsitters. Unaweza kosa tenant wa 2 bedrooms Murang’a, but bedsitters hutakosa tenants huko.

Kwani hata numbers have Upper case , how did you end up with @bedroom badala ya 2 bedroom :D:D:D:D:D:D:D .Usijamu changamka

Mimi naona ni wiser kuishi Nairobi but kuinvest kwa counties. Particularly if unajijenga. Ukiamua kujenga Nairobi na 20-30 million utakuwa slumlord with very unreliable tenants and low return on your investment. That same money will build a decent structure in a rural town with big upside (county HQ), and get better tenants (mostly young professionals). As for kuishi, kuishi nje ya Nairobi is a very bad idea. Ishi Nairobi, invest counties. Ukienda B-Club barman hatakuuliza kama pesa yako ulitoa Ruaka ama Reserve :smiley:

Nasema town
Muranga Town Nyumba ni cheap sana.
The best place for real estate, I believe is only Nairobi and its environs.

Murang’a town must suck big time. Other county HQs are booming. Shida ya Muranga imekaribia Nairobi sana. So hata watu wakiiba they don’t invest there, wanazileta Thika.

Si kuna msee fulani brownskin alipata plots mbili hii nairobi akiwa 24 years…obviously plota are not a problem

Huyo msee probably atauza in two or three years ajenge counties. Ama namna gani my fren

Siwezi kuwa surprised kama ashajenga already na akanunua gari ingine ya 2500CC

As a Ruaka home land owner and landlord…mmmmmmmh. That is all from the news room.

Wewe madam mapesa, not everyone is the grand-daughter of a Minister in the Moi Era or some senior chief. Sawasawa?? Some of us have to struggle from the womb to the tomb, and achieve everything on merit. By the way this thread is addressed to wenye wanajijenga. Wenye washajijenga ama washajengewa kama wewe can feel free to fuck off. Wewe ni dynasties mimi ni hustler, we will never reason at the same wavelength, but the end justifies the means.

Sasa nikijenga nyumba WEST POKOT itanisaidiaje

In all honesty, you don’t sound like someone who is a landlord in Ruaka. Shosh the small bits you share lazima kuwe na complaints za small bills that are honestly inconsequential to a majority of landlords.