Rasna Warah and the Somalis. Could Somalia experts unravel why this question made people brigade her account like that? Even Ahmednasir was among them



Can you at least explain what is going on?

We can ask bingwa for clarification but we all know he is a kisii arab

Somalis are very myopic. Just mention their clanism, and watch their signature maniacal seizure set in; vociferating, frothing…words like jareér, baboon start flying around. Like clockwork. It is fascinating, almost cute to watch. “WE ARE ONE!!! WHAT BUSINESS DO YOU HAVE TELLING US WHAT WE ARE?!? SHUT UP YOU Ajnabi/Jareér/Baboon…”
Somalis seem to be blind to their shabby and shameful state. Their state is deplorable…as a society, as a country, as a people, in the way they conduct themselves, in everything…their general manner of conduct stinks… a feculent fetor. And yet, they are the first to call others malodorous. Heheheee… Unless God intervenes and gives the Somali a brain and eyes, they will continue killing each other for another generation or two.

@Bingwa Scrotum

:D:D:D Wacha uone

Fuateni yenu …be bothered with your HIGH HIV prevalence and poverty

That said, if she ain’t covering her hair, she is a dog and no one will stand on her corner

She can write loads about india, her origin, but she is so enticed with Somalia …spewing negativity about such a beautiful country

How many dogs have you laid on Tagged?? Coz am sure no bitch over there botjers to cover their hair


This is why I posted the question here on Ktalk. Somali troll armies seemed triggered by Rasna Warah’s specific question. Are you a Maheran?

I tried to no avail to understand why such a seemingly innocent question would offend them like that.

Can Somali experts try and she’d light on this?

She is a very rude feminist this one.

Wewe jibu swali. We don’t have any insider knowledge on the seemingly insular culture of the Somalians. You on the other hand have the advantage of having first hand knowledge on account of being a Somali.

Please explain to us non-Somalis why Somalians would take offense by Rasna Warah’s question. Are you a Maheran?

They are angry she’s suggesting they are not Arabs like her.

Alimllipa Smitta?
Najua ni elder kwa kijiji.

Where it all started. She is an expert on Somalia and has written several books on the country. They are unhappy when she writes the truth about somalia.


I see. Now I am even more interested to read her books. She seems to offend them so much just by her existence.

Maheran is a clan … the president’s clan …she writes bollocks about Somalia and when you call out her bullshit she quickly asks if the reason for calling her out is defending the president

I don’t know who buys her books

I don’t know who pays her to do this

Very soon she will be declared to be the enemy of the Somalia state and people, at home and abroad

So in other words she practices “gotcha” reporting and doing political hit jobs under the guises of advocacy reporting.


Ahmednasir should be one of the first Somalis to be deported after we enact the All Somali deportation Act.