Rasna Warah and the Somalis. Could Somalia experts unravel why this question made people brigade her account like that? Even Ahmednasir was among them

I once wrote here Somalians interested in destroying Kenya are joking,we simply exploit their clannism and boom.Maybe someone thought that way and to deal with this madness of pictures with Somali flag and president portrait,people had to be reminded they are Kenyans first,that is where their interests are taken care of.so isaaqs become a Kenyan tribe,later it was tweeted as seen above.

In other news,am glad major media houses read ktalk.we once discussed this issue here and the nation has repeated elders words.we are waiting for tantrums to be thrown by Farmajo


And the second one should be that scrawny Arab shit @Bingwa Scrotum. We need to fumigate those refugee camps and send this scum back home.

I am not scrawny, I am 130kg… having lost some weight

she knew where exactly to hit… :smiley:

She writes the truth about Somalia.
And she like many people from Coast(She was born and raised in Malindi) , myself included are united in one thing.
1.You are not Arab. I would rather a Kikuyu btw. Better brains.
2.You are just a bunch of backward clannist stick people constantly at war with each other with an inferiority complex and an identity crisis.

And what are Maherans doing in Kenya first and foremost??? Doesn’t their clan boundary start at Bula Hawa in Somalia???
In Kenya we only have Ogadeni and specific sub-Clans of the Ogadeni like the Abdiwak and Abdirazzak in Garissa
The Ajuran of Wajir
Degodia in Wajir and part of Mandera(and the ones in Mandera need to be checked. A lot are actually Ethiopians moving here from the Somali region of Ethiopia)
Garre who are the dominant clan in Mandera (and not actually Somali but okay)
The Somalis from Northern Somalia who came with the British and are mostly from the Issaq clan, akina Amina Mohammed and Co. These ones were the ones resettled all over Kenya from Isiolo to Migori to Kakamega.
Anyone else who does not belong to the 5 above should be in Dadaab or back in Somalia.

Why are Mandela Somalians viewed with suspicion? I have seen this narrative flying around severally.

Garre are basically Somali speaking Boranas

Abdirizzak in Garissa

Abdirizzak clan in Garissa …sijui nikuchekelee au nilie


Garre are somalis …pure!

Their language has great borana influence

It is the Abudallah clan, not Abdirazack. Sorry.
But basic fact.
The list of Kenyan Somali clans exist and anyone not of that clan should not be here.

Given Somalis and your clan issues. That is enough to declare them non Somalis technically speaking.And that is validated by the fact that Mandera votes differently and the Degodia there call the Garre non Somali so… That is not me who said it even your own confused brethren on Somalinet Forums just love highlighting that.