Randan bound

After a weekend of mad coitus and tadpole transfusion its sad to see you go my best half, @Mrs Kush. But what can I say, other than to wish you a safe journey and a happy long distance relationship. Your mucakwe will be under lock and key, though once in a while itabidi nifanye orako lest I forget kufanya hio kitu. I will be joining you for december holidays, sawa hun …

On our wedding night I know one of the tadpoles managed to swim across undetected. By next summer our status will have changed.

On our way to the airport earlier on.


Love blossoms in KTalk!

Kush is the fattest Uber driver in Doha

Awww you two are very cute…wapi cake lakini? so mean of you. Ama ulikula yote Kush!! :slight_smile:

Hio ni kura kwa jubilee umeongeza


Friday wedding, honeymoon two days, leo Ni goodbyes??? Sikujua Camel farming is that demanding.

@ kush yule mnono Kush, my Hubz I am crying as I type this sitting at the airport lounge. Are you really coming out in Dec to Nbo???..woooi a child will be born, a child that is half me and half you hun. Pls do not share what is mine now with others anymore, the Mushakwe…:frowning: my boobs are aching for you so much…the way you touched me Kush…the way I woke you up so many times with my fingers/legs and tongue. The things you told me especially telling me that …

mbona musi inboxiane hizi ujinga kuliko kujaza server na umafi jinga nyinyi makende za Ochunglo

go inbox one one of your hippomos

nef naomba nikunyonye cervix .

The things al be missing for the next one month. Wacha tu

The things al be missing for the next one month. Wacha tu

Kojoa ulale … chyeth

Why should a couple drag us into their goddamn coital business. So disgusting!

@kush yule mnono kuja nikukamue kwa mkia mkiwa na huyo Bibi yako

@ngamia ya abdul vile umenona kama nguruwe unaweza tomba dem kweli ?

Wangetupa sex tape APA tuoshe machos

wangetupa sex tape APA tuoshe machos

Sis yoooote alimeza but I saved some for my ngeos. So worry not…

Oh who has forced you and others to READ…nugus.