Randan bound

Don’t you like have a life?:smiley:

Can I just ask you a question Bae? are you a man or a woman? am confused going by your avator. In real life Kush is my ideal 6 footer, no kitambi. Hiyo ingine tembeza elsewhere.

Madam,ukikasirishwa tena si utaleta picha ya @Kush to prove a. point?

Anyhow,how are ya nephews/nieces and fam and drunk ngeo taking ya snagging a ‘man’?

Hehehehehe…sijui niseme nini mie:). I have provided our mbisha to a few Talkers but only when he okays it, I sent mine to a few folk that I am cormfy with. The day nilijua how to block some folk…weee hujui vile nilijua mimi. All the noise I have been entertaining on the forum is no more…

Else Nephews\nieces all good. Aunty here a bit poorer because she had to fork out quite a bit for several Fifa 18 games??? don’t even know what I was paying for will check morrows:( they have my bank deets so were just ordering…

Some of them are October born like me so it is birthday time any time. As for the ngeos sisemi kitu wacha wakunyue kiasi., they read the blog. Hekaya soon about how they have taken my being taken.

Kumbe Gulf wanalubali fat monkeys kutombana … Hehehe :p:p:D:D sio mbaya… happy for you fuckers! !!

Your handle sounds familiar. Let me scroll thru my inbox. And expose you here…

How many hundles to you own?? :D:D

Wooooiii… Woooiii.

@OddGuy …What are hundles…just ferk off and take whoever is riding on your coat tails with you.

Kojoa spoof ulale…

What are hundles before nikojoe…

@nguruwe mnono hakukumua vizuri ndio uko na nyege hivi

Bundles ni kinembe imechongwa

Asha he did…weee hujui hekaya inacome soon

Just take your rubbish elsewhere. It is always some folk I have never read off or I have read but I classify them as JINGA

Your fuck biz on KTalk ndio ujinga!

Btw wewe ni momo pia?

Kikikiki if you think I will give you airtime. Not worth it.

Red velvet cake ikuje …! :wink:

I know you have graced my inbox but I am busy right now to scroll thru so a block should be just about raiiit.