interesting read, huyu ana andika kama relative ya @FieldMarshal CouchP au ni yeye?

It’s more about the people who keep insisting on presenting a perennial loser with the expectation that we’ll suddenly love him “this time round”. Kama hupendwi mbona kujilazimisha? Kwani kura ziko central pekee? Kwenda tafuta huko kwingine! Raira wirro nefer.


Maybe we’re just allergic to losers. Why does it have to be an elaborate explanation?

umbwa ghassia takataka malaya

Kibaki lost elections in 92 and 97 and 2007…Uhuruto lost in 2002… your point holds no water.

Kikuyus are just selfish narcissists who would rather not vote than vote for a non Kikuyu. They’re the only lot which has never voted for an outsider ever since independence. There are only two reasons why they’re entertaining the Sugoiman:

i) Kikuyus are fully aware that their dominance in Kenyan politics is coming to an end, and Sugoiman may help them regain those powers in a near future.

ii) They know very well that betraying Sugoiman is betraying the warlike Kalenjingas, who will be unforgiving to their kinsmen living within the kalenjinland.

It’s because there’s heavy tribalism and a deep hate that Kikuyus have for a typical jaruo. Not just Raila alone but any politician from that side and who’s also strongly affiliated to that side

And if anyone is waiting for someone to admit anything they will wait forever

Very interesting threads. For anybody who did not have the time to go through it, the thread simple claims Okuyus are the most selfish, power hungry, unloyal tribe in Kenya. Do not sacrifice me, the guy has provided facts and everything, anybody ejo jas alternative facts can dispute him.

Guka hates Luos with a passion. So not him.

Jaruo jimit jinga ni facts gani unasema? Hiyo thread ni porojo tupu ya blogger amelipwa na dynasty

All you’ve done is insult him. Come with your facts

Half human half jaruo unasema kikuyu ni selfish na jaruo zimefuata odinga family from pre independence kenya to date. In 2002 they voted for kibaki but they were just voting for raila indirectly. It’s all about raila amesema nini hence the tag raila cows.
Right now they are supporting bbi regardless of it’s shortcomings, and the fact that it’s not a priority given the current economic situation. As long as baba supports it then it’s good. Baba akifanya handshake na ruto saa hii wajaluo wote wataanza kusifu that sugoi thief. You buy baba you get luos for free.
You say kikuyus cannot vote a non kikuyu but in kiambu county they have a luo and a muhindi mca. Both elected on jubilee ticket. Before the current constitution, there was an elected luo mayor in murang’a. Hakuna mkikuyu ata mmoja ashaichaguliwa luoland. Ata chairman wa cattledip

And then people wonder be why their country is underdeveloped.

These are the important national issues

Okay, if you’re going to claim that Kibaki lost in 2007, then I have every right to claim that he won the heavily tainted 97 elections. He went to court to challenge the results with the support of other opposition candidates. A short while later, Raira had abandoned him and signed the “cooperation” deal with Moi, which thoroughly weakened Kibaki’s position. It was comical to see ODMers getting mad at Kalonzo for accepting the VP position from Kibaki in 2008 when Raira had done the exact same thing nearly a decade earlier when he joined Moi’s dictatorial regime and became minister for Energy in 2001.

Raira is known for his selfishness and opportunism. He broke up Ford Kenya rather than allow Wamalwa to lead the party, he betrayed Kibaki after the 1997 elections, he joined the NAK to form NaRC in 2002 because he knew it was the party that would finally beat Moi, then shook hands with Uhuru for his own interest. If making Kibaki president in 2002 was as easy as saying “Kibaki tosha”, why can’t he just say “Raila tosha!” then become president? It’s like Jay Z says in the song Lost Ones

I heard motherfuckers sayin’ they made Hov
Made Hov say, “Okay, so make another Hov”

Hiyo kusema ati raila ni liberator wa kikuyu ulisikia wapi? Ni kama kusema ruto ni liberator wa central kwa sababu anapeana hurubaro na anaenda harambee huko. He is doing it for his political interests. Raila alikuja akapata many kikuyus and leaders from other tribes wakipigania multiparty. He joined them but later came to claim he was the leader. It’s kenneth matiba and charles rubia who led the call for multiparty system.

Selective reporting of facts. FACT Kibaki lost 07 elections that’s why he roped in Kalonzo with VP position to boost his numbers in Parliament.Want to talk about betrayal? Kibaki ignored the MOU with Raila immediately he came to power and appointed his cronies and old buddies to the cabinet instead…don’t forget that he got an accident before the elections and Raila campaigned for him FACT…I can go on and on…Your Raila-phobia is far-fetched with half truths and misinformation… don’t get me wrong Raila is a politician and politicians are selfish…report facts.

Like I said, if this is a fact, then you must also accept the FACT that Moi lost the 1997 elections, which is why he co-opted Raila’s NDP to give himself more legitimacy. If Moi lost in 1997, then Kibaki won, are we together? Either way, Kibaki was always destined for the presidency, with or without Raila’s support.

We have never known the full contents of that so-called MoU, other than Raila’s claims. It’s funny you keep insisting on facts while basing your argument on half-truths yourself. If I remember correctly, the LDP wing of NaRC would always whine about everything. They even opposed a referendum that would have given Kenya a PM because in Raila’s mind the position wasn’t powerful enough. Did he really expect to have executive powers while Kibaki became a ceremonial president?

Is Raila the only person who campaigned for Kibaki when he got involved in that accident? Maybe my memory is failing me, but I could have sworn kina Kijana Wamalwa, Charity Ngilu, Moody Awori and several other leaders also campaigned aggressively for him.

Everything I posted in my original comment to you were facts, unless you choose to ignore them, in which case I can’t change your mind.
Didn’t Raila break away from Ford Kenya after failing to wrest control of the party from Kijana Wamalwa?
Were the 1997 elections not heavily flawed?
Didn’t Raila withdraw his support for a court challenge after secretly eating ugali at state house?
Didn’t Raila join Moi’s government when majority of Kenyans were exhausted with his two-decade dictatorial rule?
Wasn’t he appointed minister for Energy as a reward for propping up the aforementioned dictatorial regime?
Didn’t Raila only leave KANU in the run-up to the 2002 elections after it became clear that Moi wouldn’t pick him as his successor?
Which claim have I made up or misrepresented?

Tribes dialogue is dying out, haves and have nots is the theme

Okuyu hapo sawa