Racists to the Core

I did not realize that akina Hong Tu cousins (chinese fukcers!) can be so racist even in OUR OWN country.
See this excerpt from Today’s DN:
Ms Esther Zhao, the relations manager, said the restaurant stands by its strict “no-African after 5pm” policy because Africans pose a security threat to its Chinese patrons.
“We don’t admit Africans that we don’t know because you never know who is Al-Shabaab and who isn’t,” she said. “It is not like it is written on somebody’s face that they are a thug armed with a gun.”



LOL they are the worst, have lived in a closed society for so many centuries wamefunguka tu juzi

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I was telling those jubilee morons that looking east is not the best option. They are here to benefit themselves and not to help Africans. Just try go live in China and you will realize London is far much better.
Chinese are here to exploit us and booast their economy…nothing more

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None is better even us.

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I think that that Mrs Zhao lady (biatch) Is the worst PR Manager a business can ever have.
See more:
However, according to the restaurant’s management, it is unlikely that African patrons would feel comfortable dining at the restaurant anyway, because they host many Chinese parties after sunset. At times, the party goers themselves ask the restaurant managers to lock out Africans (Atia Atia???:mad::mad:). “In the future, we are considering to roll out a membership scheme and give some of our loyal African customers cards so that they can be admitted after 5pm,” Ms Zhao offered generously.

ukipelekea nyang’au makende itayauma. just don’t go where you and your measly money are not wanted. if you want to eat chinku just google the recipe

You are missing the point. It has nothing to do with the money and by the way, poverty is not African as you are trying to imply.

Chinese are not racist. They must have received some directions from embassy about alshabab threats and since they can’t tell who is who, they simply don’t allow any none Chinese in past that time. As for the PR lady, I’m sure she would want to sugar coat things the PR way. You need to interact with some Chinese to know English is a real problem. Even the most learned will make you cry. That said, I know of quite a number of diaspora in China and not one has ever brought up any racist incident. Not one, maybe I should ask myself, they all talk of friendly nationals.


Mtawazoea Mamchinku. After Listening to the PANG boss, I couldnt help :confused::confused::D:D:D

And as @evroza said, English semantics are strange to them. Most Chinese nationals are not even well aware of racism and racial perceptions having lived in a hermit society for so long.

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Lack of proper guidelines from the authority.
Don’t blame the Chinese.

by the way, the PR way is not to sugar coat things but to be completely honest with your “publics” so that they understand and appreciate you. the sugarcoating/spinning you are talking about is in another branch of the communication arts called propaganda.

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Funny thing is that the main african clients are those kenyans living in leafy suburbs karen,hurlingham etc. You will never meet someone from Eastlando there.

ai ai ai :mad::mad::mad::mad:

hizi nishida za kujiletea…waafrika tuna ushenz sana. unaenda VM/ Art Caffe/ Gipsy unatreatiwa kama beggar wa kawaida. na bado tunang’ang’ana kwenda kuspend 20k plus on these racist joints. si uende kamakis area uone utakaribishwa kama vip kwa harambee…na ule mbuzi ‘doba’ fresh from limuru :D:D:D


… I should be served in my own country considering am not doing anything illegal otherwise wapeleke restaurants zao China. This is just wrong . Next time they will have their own special surburbs where blacks will be shot at sight.


yep. kwanza Kenyans sijui tulikosea wapi. we open our doors to other nationalities then end up getting the short end of the stick. e.g. Kenyans in South Sudan…

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Who cares?kama siwezi enda vilabu za wajaluo kwa wachina mnaenda kufanya nini?stupid Africans

Wasee wa eastlando wako radhi wakule skuma ama manduma za sewage kuliko kula foetus boiled in amniotic fluid with salad dressing yenye imepewa jina “fancy” ya ki-chinku: ati “fung-hwa”.


I wouldnt force myself to an establishment that does not appreciate my presence.