Racists to the Core

Kenyans allow foreigners to treat them like trash in their own country so I’m not surprised. The Chinese would never do this in countries that ban discrimination and enforce the law. There are hotels in Malindi that deny entry to Kenyans who are black (wazungu only). Somalis have gated apartments in the heart of Nairobi that Kenyans are not allowed to live there even if they can afford to and are practicing Muslims. Indians too.
I could go on and on but I don’t have the whole day. What’s sad is the DPP will not challenge these because he’s busy prosecuting corruption cases ( 0 cases ) and drug dealers ( 0 cases).


I wonder where discrimination of people by virtue of colour emerged from. I donno who declared having darker, chocolate…whatever skin color apart from white (yellow, cream), is being inferior. What’s wrong with having more melanin? what’s wrong with having hard(kama goat droppings)or coily hair? Human beings can be petty and non-sensical.


i don’t take them seriously, i think their brains are worm infested from what they eat!!

Mashida za wenye huenda to places they have no idea what it’s all about for prestige.The likes of those who go to Artcaffe to drink croissants.


It’s impossible to rent a space for business in those eastleigh malls if you are not Muslim,

Most apartments in parklands are muhindi only and they won’t rent to non asians,

even slums have designated kikuyu and luo areas.

Lets stop the hypocrisy and double standards.

Hiyo sio reason. Wahindi pia hufanya hivyo na wanaishi dunia yote

London imetokea wapi?

In todays world, PR and propaganda are interchangeable.

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Well, TBH i didnt know about that slum bit. Shall we just look and turn away because it has become the new normal in our society?

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Humans live in groups which are a social costruction. No matter how much we get rid of discrimination, you will find groups za Asians, Chinese, White people, Nigerians, South Africans etc huddling together. It is for the same reason in a school full of africans or any other race there are usually groups of friends and everyone belongs to a certain group where he/she is treated with more recognition. All social animals, including humans behave like that. There are Ingroups and Outgroups. Even the groups themselves belong to larger groups. For example, groups of friends or people who know each other better in a class will identify with the class and they will protest injustice together as a class. On a higher level, the the whole school made of classes or schools will join and riot against police or admin. When you see UoN students riot over death of a student, its not that they know each other or would treat each other fairly, they only identify with the student fraternity. Its groups everywhere.

If there is a large public gathering or exercise, you will find young people in a different group from the one with the old men. Young women in a group different from another of old married women. Even in these groups, you will find a variation where people sharing a culture will often be in one group. A young guy would rather join another group of young men from another community rather than join old men from another community. They young men are closer. An old man joining a group of young women from a different comunity is seen as an intruder and the young women will be uncomfortable and will check their mouths even though the visitor doesnt mean harm. Its a complex natural thing for social animals and humans(That is if you wish to seperate humans from animals). Utopian society where people are viewed from the same lense is impossible.

he will not because he has no complainant and when kenyans rights are violated they choose to rant on social media and bunge la mwananchi

By your own logic, since it is also impossible to get rid of reckless driving, we should do nothing about it, right? There is a reason why everybody thinks Africans are primitive. It’s defeatist attitudes and Africans thinking lowly of themselves. Do you think these Chinese people would try this nonsense in Dubai or Germany? I’ll answer for you. The answer is NO. Now ask yourself why. Why can’t they go to Dubai and say No Arabs after 5pm. Food for thought

Let me make this clear from the outset: I do not condone the activities of this particular Chinese investor.

Now, day in day out we, black Kenyams, discriminate against fellow Kenyans on the frivolous basis of tribe, etc. I ask: what’s the outrage all about? Isn’t he just doing what we have perfected ourselves?


One word- Hypocrisy.

All in all, we can not that the ethnocentric way of thinking has led to quite a number of problems in our country. A pointer that something needs to be done but what is that something that must be done? Can there be unity in diversity?

There can be, but only if we’re willing to put in the hard work required for the same.

What great irony, diversity is lack of unity and unity is lack of diversity.

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You are living in your own one dimensional world. There is little similarity between driving and natural social inclinations. I have not said that we should ignore the problem anywhere. Again, you think the so called “developed nations” are better of than us in terms of social discrimination? No. Social perceptions rarely improve. What am saying is that we are in a world of social groupings and if you have an idea on how to eliminate them from human nature, the tell the world, and starts here. This situation has always been there. The reason chinese wouldnt succeed in doing their thing in Dubai or Germany is that they face a greater discrimination there and take a second seat. Its not even about them percieving us as inferior, but about desiring to be in their own exclusive group. But they will have their own chinese groups which germans or arabs wouldnt still be welcome despite all the laws and enforcement.