Racist India Prefers White Light Skins For Beauty

What began as an innocent collage of this year’s Miss India finalists has evolved into a heated social media debate about India’s obsession with fair skin.

The image, published in the Times of India newspaper, had 30 head-shots of glossy-haired finalists who all appeared to share the same fair skin tone.

In a country with 1.3 billion people, hundreds of languages and myriad ethnic groups, Twitter users suggested that beauty pageant organizers were only choosing contestants that perpetuate Eurocentric beauty ideals.
“They all have the same hair, and the SAME SKIN COLOUR, and I’m going to hazard a guess that their heights and vital stats will also be similar,” another Twitter user Prasanna Ratanjankar wrote.

While the contestants’ skin tone looks particularly light and appearance especially uniform in the collage that caused a stir online, other photographs and videos of the contestants reveal them to be not as fair-skinned as the Times of India’s image. The Times of India and Femina, the organization that hosts the pageant, have the same parent company – Bennett, Coleman & Co.
The controversy around the Times of India’s photograph, however, highlighted a sensitive issue in India, where Miss India is a huge cultural event.
The competition helped to launch the careers of actress Priyanka Chopra and Bollywood icon Aishwarya Rai, and has become a beacon of national pride when winners go on to bring home international titles, such as Miss World.


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I will be real with you here the lighter the girl the more beautiful she will be perceived.
we men cant control it as it is an evolutionary instinct since women with fair skin were easier to spot for blemishes, its the same reason huge hips make us go crazy it indicates fertility its also the same reason why some men prefer huge breasts it indicates that the female is able to hold enough food to feed the toddler.

ask a 100 men if they prefer lightskin or darkskin women 90% will say lightskin


Any India is not a human being

Lightskin girls always win. You don’t have to go too far. In your village or Estate, the prettiest gal is often the lightest one.
Even the slayquins you chase now are lighter than yourself, yo sister or yo mama. OK, most of the time.
But kusema kweli in countries of dark people, light is always right.

It could also be said that any African is an advanced ape. One step removed

Lakini waafrika tuko na ujinga, tulishasema wazungu wahindi wakae na uhomosexual wao hatutaki. Sasa waki mind biashara yao na kupenda light skin wao mjaama anaanza ku criticize pale akiwa kayole

Bombay, New Delhi are horribly filthy.

:D:D:D Kwani ni maajabu gani huwa wanawaonyesha huko Dubai?

But those Baniani and Kalasinga Currie munchers have nuclear weapons. They make jet fighters. They control Silicon Valley. They even have an aircraft carrier.
Hehe. Where are we relative to them?

I used to work with their cousins (Bangladeshi) and we couldn’t stay in the same block…mtu anaacha kikohozi yote imejaa kuber kwa sink ,blowing their noses there too…unbelievable

They also have their own religions, something the British didn’t take away from them.

They recently launched their rocket into space

Experienced men know light skin is overrated. Most ni sura chapo, I can’t stand that. Madoadoa mengi beneath layers of makeups.

These are very underwhelming achievements for a country of 1.4 billion. It’s kind of expected that out of that number there will be some thousands that’ll be highly intelligent. The aircraft carrier and jet fighters are made largely under Soviet/Russian licenses. I doubt they control silicon valley. For a country that makes up nearly 20% of the world’s population, they should be at par with China. When such a country still ranks building toilets as a major government agenda, then that tells it’s a super shithole, likeliterally.

Maaan ebu cheki ma coon kwa replies. Ati “light is always right” “it is an evolutionary trait we prefer light skin”:D. Dumb fucks mzungu alikudanganya dark is “ugly”

Never seen racists like indians…walahi afadhi mzungu…these guys have darker complexion but they completely hate blacks…siwes sahau yule mnigerian student alipigwa mpaka kifo mumbai

Remind me what the population of Africa is please. Na India jee? Plus Pakistan?
Shouldnt the African continent be at par?
Jua ya kwamba Pakistan is same people (genetically) with wahindi. Difference ni kwamba ni waislamu tu.

So, where are we(Africans) relatively speaking?
Are we do in better or worse?
Facts only please