Racist India Prefers White Light Skins For Beauty

Indians are scumbags of the earth who are below cockroaches and sewer rats. If you have been on a flight with Indians, then you will understand. Kwanza venye wamezoea kuiba vijiko kwa ndege na kutumia choo vibaya.

Stop denying facts, and that’s not how it works, the population isn’t important, the proportion is. And it’s about the same in every country, the proportion of smart people follows a well defined statistical distribution.

Actually they recycled that rocket on dozens of missions which is pretty impressive for a small space agency.

Population: Africa 1.2 billion, India 1.4 billion, Pakistan 200 million.
Having said that India and Pakistan are more cohesive societies than Africa. Africa isn’t a single country, doesn’t have one common language, culture and religion. So to merely compare the two strictly based on population is simplistic, and somewhat stupid. India’s history goes back thousands of years. Pakistan got the nuclear bomb as a survival measure because they faced extinction from India’s nuclear arsenal. It was a matter of life and death, they were prepared to starve but have a nuclear weapon. So both countries’ nuclear weapons programs are more a matter of diligent intelligence gathering than actual scientific innovation. Their technology is decades old. No actual innovation comes out of India.

Anyway, to give you a short answer, if you’re speaking strictly in terms of technology, India is better off than Africa. That wasn’t my point though. My point was these so called advances are shit for a country of 1.4 billion with a cohesive society, and thousands of years of history. Sending a rocket to the moon, while on the other hand you’re struggling to get people to stop shitting in the open, shows some serious disconnect. The only comparable country to India, in terms of everything, is China. And China is light years ahead.

Then India is actually shittier. If their proportion of smart people is same as that of China, India is a true shithole.

The long and short of it is this: Whith a the same population figues as Africa, the Indian subcontinent can feed its people, has the largest democracy in the whole world, has nucleur weapons, builts jet fighters and its IT industry is at par or better than any Western (developed) nation.

They may shit in the streets, but the facts above still hold.
No one dies of hunger
They are a nucleur power. US, Russia or China have to think twice before messing with them. Can the same be said of any nation in Africa? Nay, any black African Nation?

Heshimu wazito buda.

You can’t compare the two, China is a much bigger country with a lower population density than India. Also, China isn’t a democracy and doesn’t suffer the problems that religious diversity and an oppressive caste system brings.

You cannot compare India with Africa solely based on population. India is a single country, Africa is not. Anything else you say after that is bullshit.

India hosts the largest undernourished population in the world. Even useless countries like Myanmar and Bangladesh are doing a better job of feeding their population. Danganya toto jinga.

So? This is not an achievement. If you happen to be a democracy with over a billion people, it’s just common sense that you’ll be the largest democracy in the world.

Copy and pasted from Soviet/Russia. Even their much-hyped BrahMos is a joint venture with a Russian defense company. The entire missile is based on Russia’s P-800 Oniks/Yakhont cruise missile, meaning Russian technology accounts for like 80% of the venture.

Yet they can’t solve hunger and basic hygiene.

Hehehe, so I can’t compare China with India but you’re allowed to do so with India and Africa? You two confused mofos need to make up your minds.

But I thought democracy was the best form of governance. India’s capitalistic economy should be doing better than China’s “command economy”.

You are the confused one, I don’t mention Africa anywhere in my replies. And democracy isn’t the best solution, but it works for countries that have the least foreign interference/colonization.

:eek::eek::eek::eek: Jesus H. Christ! Heri niishi Mukuru kwa kayaba


No cooning here my friend. Just facts.
Hata hapa kwa safisha mecho sessions huwa mnapenda wale brown. Wale weusi mnaita kienyeji. Why?

Sawa ndugu. You seem to have a lot of time in your hands. I forfeit the argument. Good day

They sent a rocket to space. We go to their hospitals for cancer treatment. Most antibiotics are manufactured there. They have Tata and Singer.

you will notice that ni ngozi nyeuss ndio ina uchafu kabla hio:D:D:D:D:D:D

90% of that 90% will not say it out loud. They pretend that skin colour doesn’t dictate which girl they would take home