Quick death

What is the quickest way to die? I kind of messed up and I feel like death is the only way out because I’m a fucking coward.

Why? What messed you up?

Another one

Smoke 302 rolls of Cannabis Sativa.

The max limit is 301!

Go to kisumu and shout RWNBP!!

@wuthang kuja na ile radar ya troll

Read a @GeorginaMakena post. You’ll die of boredom by the 3rd sentence

I used up my fees and I’m afraid of my parent’s reaction. The school dean wants to meet them. I thought I could replace the fee by starting a business but it’s not going so great.

What is wrong with people na kutaka kujiua. Embrace you problems, the power of positive intent.
@Alchemist come guide this girl out of the abyss…

Are you for real?

tafuta agrinate

Calm down, misusing fees or anything else in this world cannot make you kill yourself. You have a beautiful life to live. Just face them and it will come to pass, and you will forget it in the next couple of minutes. We have gone through the worst than fees and still made it.

how much?

My parents are strict so yes, I’m for real. I don’t know what else to do.

At this era of RWNBP bulshit …most businesses are down and some are closing…na wewe ukadecide kuanzisha biz na school fees…ungengoja kiasi vitu zitake shape

how much?

How much was fees?


Tell your parents the truth. Utachapwa but they won’t kill you. Theyll either pay the fee again or let you be discontinued.

After all that create a thread on the biz tuone Kama Ni biashara Ya ufala tukupee mawaitha. You might recover the money!!!
Na uache hii ujinga Ya kujiua.

Village chief can send 148k worth of KCr