Quick death

Only? your life is worth 148k only?

I will be useful.

Sorry. You didn’t waste the money. What you feel is temporary, dying is permanent. No matter how strict your parents are, you aren’t worth 148k to them. Trust me, I won’t be missed(not at least by parents) but am still here. The economy is bad but the money will be back, you cannot go and return.
@Natalia you can get through that. I wrestle my hands daily to avoid becoming a headline.

Slayqueen umenunua Birkin handbag na fees? :D:D Anyway suicide is not the option, I can lend a shoulder to cry on after your parents are done with you

Here is a list of quickest ways to die… The choice is all yours…


Ati 148K? Kuna mtu alikula pesa ya serikali pale NYS and she got zero chills…
Kama ni pesa ya kulipa unatafuta bonga na @Female Perspective akusongee pale 680 kwa entrance. In 6 months time zitakuwa zimerudi zote…


You are not alone. Academic-related suicidal tendencies are quite common! Some people have been discontinued. At least yours is just fees.

If you kill yourself, your parents might have to spend more than that 148K you’re worrying about. So please don’t. This country needs you!

What’s the worst your parents could do? Will your death return the 148k?

Natalia my dear. You don’t learn if you don’t make mistakes. Love ,you don’t move forward if you don’t experience setbacks. Its life.Its human nature. Your mommy and papa will not give up on you because of this minor setback. There are people who love and cherish. Imagine the sorrow you would cause them if you gave up on them . The heartbreaks…do you want to be a Heartbreaker? :slight_smile: Things happen, they’ll listen to you.They’ll be reasonable.
And no ,you are not a coward. All will be well.

wueh, how easy do you think life is? that you can just make 148k just like that!

Hio ndo mode of operation from now on…kwanza hebu aweke thigh evidence tuone kama utaokolewa jahazi

be serious… how could you???

Disappearing for a while ni sawa, they will miss you till they realize that 148k ain’t shit and they will embrace you with open arms when you show up.

Tits I see if you can peddle your pussy and forget about school.

Is this the business? Wakubwa nunulieni mabibi zenu these nail polishes at least she can recover some cash.

The fact that you know you cocked up means a lot. 148K is a lot of money but it’s nothing compared to what you are thinking of doing. The blunder has happened already, no need to make it worse.

Ktalk CSI manenoz

How? they know where I live and I’m highly dependent on them.

Yes ni hizi.

Ride and die hard friends. Huwezi kosa mmoja angalau.

haumsaidii na hii umeffi