Pseudonym: How Esther became the Queen of Persia.

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Our story leads us to the great kingdom of Persia where Xerxes was the King of Persia.

Now,Xerxes had a fall out with queen Vashti and chased her from his palace and declared that he would Crown a new Queen. A group of virgins around the city were selected,and amongst them ,was Esther; a young,beautiful ,voluptuous nubile Jew.

The girls were taken to the king’s Harem,where they would wait for the king to summon each one of them and lay with them first before making his decision.

Esther gained favor with Hegai, the Eunuch in charge of these women. He provided her with food, cosmetics, and seven female servants, who were also to secretly tutor her in the arts of love making.

12 months later, it was Esther’s turn to spend the night with the king. The seven female servants bathed her and oiled her with scented oils, robed her in a beautiful and provocative attire then led her to king Xerxes bedchamber.

King Xerxes looked at the beautiful young virgin and felt his old manhood stir.
She walked daintily to the King’s royal bedside and knelt down .
“My King, It’s an honor to serve you.My humble request is that you allow me to offer my servants to please you too.”

The king was astonished and a bit insulted by this suggestion,see he was used to laying with one woman and the only style he knew was the missionary one. But curiosity plus his attraction to this young girl made him accept the request, He laid back on his pillows and smiled a bit.

Esther called one of the girls holding a box and opened it to reveal an ancient dildo. She took it and ordered the girls to join her in the bed and the orgy begun.

The King watched as the servants kissed one another,as they fondled each others breasts and fingered their cunts. Esther presented the dildo to the king and directed him to use it on the servants,who lay there lost in lust with their legs spread and their pussies glistering with moistness. Soon the king was shoving the artificial phallus with boyish glee inside the ladies quims and getting excited as they came profusely…

When Esther saw the king was ready She removed her attire and laid down gracefully on the bed. The king was taken by the beautiful naked girl laying before him.Her body perfect and ready for womanhood.

“I am ready for you, my king” She softly said.

The King’s royal phallus became harder with anticipation and two servants held Esther’s legs apart,while another one knelt before her and led the kings dick into her glory hole which was already wet and ready for it’s first intrusion…oh what exquisite pleasure the old king experienced and after breaking her hymen he pounded her tight pussy with much joy…After awhile he spewed his royal seed deep inside Esther’s quim and announced that at last Persia had found a new Queen!!

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Kwani hii bibilia ni version gani? Ni moto sana


You rewriting the bible?

But the story sounds plausible.

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Spot on, hard already, enjoy your weekend too

Its not in the bible, but a cuneiform script written by King Xerxes I himself.


Huh…kumbe bible ni censored version

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I think so too. :D:D:D

@pseudonym Let’s hiyo translated version ya king artaxerxes hapa ktalk


I will…I have to translate it first.:D:D:D:D

Hahaha sijasoma yote. I thought ni queen wa Persia lounge trm

Huyo ni Queen of sheesha.

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Girl, you are a good writer, actually superb, congrats.

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