Pseudonym: How Esther became the Queen of Persia.

@pseodonym and @Meria Mata … enjoy your Persian weekend

I heard from a reliable source that you are teething now and using a pacifier.

True story… Next we will go through a scroll about a king called David and a soldier’s wife.

Sande sana.


My queen does it again, you never cease to amaze.

Thank you my King :rolleyes:…sasa si you drive a lil bit faster ufike? You know what these stories do to me…

ngombe muzee hata kukamua huwezi wacha kujichocha

Hehe…Makena in her day dreams thinks she has the IQ of two average Kenyans. She posts like the Internet is being shut down tomorrow. You, with three brief hekayas have shown all it takes to win our hearts is finesse. Respect.

On that note, let me go change my boxers

Pseudonym always winning . Superb…perfectly complimenting the Bossom and the toes…a beautiful mind that is.

These should be a script of a porn movie… @Meria Mata From here I think the door has been opened for quadruple party orgy with @pseudonym …you just need to choose your female ‘servants’…

Shait. …new lady in town. :smiley:

Thankyou @A.G . I do have a beautiful and lusty mind.:D:D:D:D

That is exactly what I am hinting to him…I hope he got the drift.

I am happy you enjoyed it that much.
Mbisha ya boxer? :stuck_out_tongue:

Usipatwe na my gal Georgie.

Zingatia upole! :D:D:D:D:D:D

As a mother, I can assure you there’s no worse pain that can be inflicted on the titties than the one caused by a teething baby…

ktalk has all kind of people… never disappoints!


Pseudo dear…wacha tu…do you boo!!!