Proposal gone wrong.

Well. A friend just proposed to his girlfriend of 2yrs and he didn’t get the reply he was looking hoping for. Nothing grand. He called the her to his place, cooked her a nice dinner, some wine and then told her the big news. The lady didn’t say yes or no. She said she isn’t sure.

When he pushed to know why she ain’t sure, the lady said hajui. The woman insists she loves him. She just ain’t sure about the marriage part. He did what every man can do in such a situation. Ended the whole thing and kicked her out the apartment. The man is dissulusioned hadi anaongea kama amechizi.
Still hasn’t come to terms with whatever happened and it got me thinking, how the hell do you know whoever you are currently dating ain’t with you for the long run?

ningetaka kuona conversation BABA panya @M2Random @Voltron na @Quanstrom watakuwa nayo wakifungiwa kwa ile bedsitter ya mturandom pale ngara . zile fantasy , soliloquy, monologue na uwongo zinaweza kuwa hapo , wanaeza toa GAME OF THRONES season 13 .

Its officially a Friday night when such dramas surface.

If she is not ready, she is not. Worse would have been that she says yes while not ready and another bad marriage is born.

He is lucky this came up mapema and he can move on. No wedding to cancel, no refunds from wedding suppliers and no embarrassing explanations to friends/family. Ending it was OK, kicking her out is juvenile. Just tell her to leave. He is a man so time should heal the heart and life moves on.

you were the gecko on the wall?

@Ice_Cube leta ile rink ya zamani mtu ana propose afu mschana wa mtu anatoroka hadharani hotelini. Hio findio ikifika hapa i download utumie uyo mtu wako. Atajua yye ni afazali

These things are never a surprise…anyway…proposing to a girl is overrated nowadays…unadunga ball mara hio hio na unamshow next week ujipange tunaenda nyumbani!

Thats what your friend should have done to remove all doubt!

2 years kukuwa na manzi as a gf ni jokes


Never understood the drama that is proposal. Once she starts leaving a pair of jeans and her favourite polka panties at your place, and after 6 months her entire wardrobe is intermixed with yours,kwisha. Hii upus ya dinners and bending on one knee wachia wazungu and sissies.

:D:D:D:D and then what if she wasn’t ready? si utakuwa na ndoa mbaya.

ratman, pole to “your friend”. “he” will heal. be strong. me i was dumped kwa simu via the mboch in primary school but here i am.

Date miezi tatu pekee

2 fuakin yrs gone down the drain. Mjamaa anasema amechukia wanawake sioni ata kama atawai marry.

Wanaume hupitia kwingi.

Nop…a goddamn best man. Shit happens

Kama hawachi kitu?

that jamaa took to long to pop the question so the chick looked for a back up which turned out to be the main thing

Hiyo ndio “gone wrong” sasa!

Good question.

Indeed. At least it was in private. Engagements should never be done publicly. Even if you are sure she is going to say yes. It is a private moment.

Mambo ya wazungu tuliachia wazungu. How many times do I have to say that “come we stay” plays a major role in any African marriage.

Unabebanga kanguo kamoja kamoja Hadi briefcase ama ni sanduku, inajaa bila kujua. Hivyo ndio ndoa huanza.

Baadaye unatuma mtu kama @FieldMarshal CouchP anaenda kwa msichana anasema ile mbuzi yenyu ilipotea iko kwetu.

…and voila, you’re officially married. The rest flows just like rain water after finding its course.