Proposal gone wrong.

Which clearly means she is not a good/right girl if that is the case. She should have ended the relationship zamo when doubts started setting in. What were her reasons? BTW ona vile your friend has kicked her out in the night! She may have dodged a bullet in the name of tantrums.

Nilifungua thread thinking that it was a work related proposal… hiyo ya kupiga magoti, mi sijui

Unadunga ball at the perfect time…sio ile time unasense shit is going sideways!!! Maybe one day nitawapea story ya amber ray!!!

Ebu clearly expound on this hekaya

tell us what happened to her nkt

she should have accepted and moved on wacha atatarmac sasa akitafuta a ‘serious’ guy

Umenena madam…then after miaka kadhaa pamoja the union is solemnised in a church.Hiyo ndio wedding natambua mimi

I find this un-orthodox way vv crude and I am not being rude. You cannot impregnate the likes of MFW unless they want a baby. Because I am the one that goes to get contraceptives sorted out if we are moving on from the condoms and have had our STDs checked out.
Today’s woman anazaa sababu she is ready. And even so it would be nice to try for a baby when you are in agreement, married or not. How would you feel if I trapped you? lying to you that ‘I am safe’ knowing I am not???

Priss remind me some other time…but in short Mwas alijaribu kuskizia dame asimuwache…he could feel her slip through his fingers akaamua the best thing ni kuweka ball…the girl could not hear any if it…she still left him. Sasa mwas is just another drunkard roaming the hood streets

Before you propose unafaa kuthrow hints nini nini eg talk about your future kids… Know where y’all stand. But two years is not a short time… Pole kwake.

All I can say is that the burger is a fool.

Then mkikosana unamwambia yeye ndio alijjilazimisha kwako, never ever

Mmeambiwa Mara ngapi…msee hupropose dame akitoka maternity na mtoi wake. When you have her by the ovaries.

Mrs D, guys don’t understand that it is not the bended knee we are talking about (don’t think I would want to see my Kenyan man on a bended knee) pillow talk should do. The man should have initiated convos on several occasions that should have sent clear signals to the right girl that he is ready to marry her and start a family with her at some point.

Proposals are for idiots. If a woman loves you, she will get pregnant for you. That is the real test of love. So proposing to a woman who doesn’t have your child/expecting your child is utter bullshit. She probably liked his money, not him.

And that’s how I got my Waiguru, this aping of the west will make men to be sissies

Ouch and on reading the above comments, I am out of the thread faster than Usain practices his good surname BOLT!

You have very effeminate male friends


only on ktalk :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D