Poor bowel movement

Asking for a relative
Is it normal not to poop for 3 days and one is feeding well with no constipation?

Kunywa maji mingi…kumbaff

Following “for a relative” too.

It is not normal, ama ulimeza taxin kama @bjurmann ?Enda pharmacy nunua dulcolax Tablets ita “jump start” bowel movement…don’t thank me.

Wachana jaba.

Hii ni nini

Kunywa maji kwa wingi, do some exercise and eat fresh veggies

Have done this but to no avail

Eat a full pineapple.It will sort out everything

Nunua dawa over the counter…enda sema unataka Laxative.
Drink coffee kwa wingi (natural laxative)
Kuna any medication umetumia recently?? Some medicine can cause constipation.

It depends…if someone doesn’t do a number 2 even after eating well and drinking water and has gas issues, it could be a bacterial infection. H.Pylori for instance can prevent someone from having a proper bowel movement, but signs of it is a lot of gas. They should monitor their BM and if the inconsistency carries on for weeks, they can do a stool test to rule out any possible infection. I am speaking from experience of a worse case of H. Pylori, which I ignored the symptoms for months.

Ingia mtaani and look for a @maasai 101 ako na dawa in a kibuyu buy 3 cups and consume immediately!!! …just make sure you live in a good neighhood with adequate water supply.

Thank you sir

There is pill for restoring necessary bacteria in the Digestive system. Try that.

I was prescribed by a Doctor and it did wonders.

Name of the pill please

Do a sea salt flush… Utahara yako yote…

-Ingia Naivas buy sea salt.
-Weka warm water kwa .5ltr cup, ongeza 3 teaspoons of sea salt and koroga kabisa.
-piga flush then lie on your back if you feel like vomiting.
In less than 5 minutes utakua unahara yako yote.

Kasia Kula roughage Kwa wingi. Kula mahindi boilo.

a relative= You.

Kula marenge na maharagwe ya green. Utahara upende

I hate malenge juu inafanya mzee abdala sleepy but let me ask him to try