Poor bowel movement


So many suggestions, did you get any that worked? Castor oil is also a strong laxative, but it’s not healthy to rely on laxatives all the time, just watch your diet, hydrate and exercise.

Ghaseer ulimeza taxine.:rolleyes:
Kula pork moto… Uniletee result slip badae

None is working and Castor oil is not available in chemists

Try this product : Edmark Shake off , Shake Off Phyto Fiber - Edmark Natural Wellness Products 0818954462 | 063 025 4515 .

Does wonders, first time use nilishtuka on how unhealthy my bowel was.

I can confidently vouch for it, it has done wonders. But take it on a day that you are in doors, cz cleaning your colon can take a half day of trips to the loo.

Where can

I buy and how much

Speak to Linah, inboxing you her number.

Have you tried drinking fresh milk?

Hii pylori yako ni kabila gani…
Ile pylori ilinikamata, I was driving non stop like a Ferrari… Anything you chew passes straight down your bowels and out…
And you can’t chill for weeks for a pylori test utapata ulcers bro…


Did you try dulcolax tablets that I recommended?

Try changing your toilet posture and a belly massage, for the posture, try raising both your feet so you are in a somewhat squat position ( you could use a Squatty potty or something similar ) for a few days. Best of luck.

Shake off Phyto fibre - Mambo yote. Jaribuni hiyo, you will let the village know.

Haipatikani chemist

It’s not like nothing is coming out but I get some few dry roundish balls out once in three days despite my heavy fiber based diet.

This is a common laxative boss, kwani uko Mandera?

Huyu jamaa anasumbua watu hapa tu, cant take advice.

Wacha kumeza jaba, you are only supposed to ingest the juices. Alafu avoid using chewing gum ukichana coz you’ll be swallowing small pieces of gum over time that will end up clogged up in the rectum. Drink hot water/tea/coffee whilst kuchana muguka.

Shenzi sana, tulijuwa ni wewe tangu mwanzo…

You are eating below your bowel capacity, it is simple physics, you need food pressure to push contents out your bowels…

And if you continue that way you will rapture your inguinal canal, ukijaribu kukaza tumbo Kwa choo, leading to a hernia… Yaani matumbo zako zitaanza kuponyoka kwa space ya tumbo ziingie Kwa makende, a very painfully debilitating experience …

Kula Sawa Sawa, don’t miss meals, kunywa maji ya kutosha,… etc etc… mavi itajaa Kwa rectum vile inafaa, halafu utakunia bila wasi wasi…