Plot to settle & construct

Am looking for a plot (1/4) within a radius of 40km from Nairobi where I can construct a humble house in the next 1 year. Offers are welcome.

Whats your:
a) Budget
b) preferred area (eastlands, westlands, Thika road, Limuru, Kangundo road, Rongai etc?)
c) Timeline (how soon do you need to buy the plot?)

a) 2-3m
b) Thika Road but am open to other areas
c) After doing my due diligence I weka deposit. Balance by Aug 2015

Homework Noted. Will get back via inbox.
Meanwhile @aviator aka kawambui am sure has other offers…

kamulu, kahawa, juja etc

Asante. will be checking. Spent the entire last week looking for one bila success. I feel guilty I stole my employer’s time. Lakini iwe place poa where there are on going developments.


Is there a reason why you want a quarter acre ama hiyo ndiyo imestick kwa kichwa? If you go a bit past Thika(an hour total from Nairobi), that money can get you two to four acres. I’m currently looking into that myself. This quarter acre mentality haisaidii watu.

@kijanamrefu has a point there which you wonna consider. With 3M you can easily get 2 acres with clean title along Kangundo road(4-5km interior) which you may hold for prospective purposes for 1 -2 years, then sell the 16 one-eighth plots at 400,000 each. That’s 6.4m. I have given that proposal in a past thread.


what are your plans for the Nyayo plot?

@ Electronics, @ Kijanamrefu. Thank you. am open to suggestions. Mambo ya land investment am not that savvy so your advice is welcome. you can hit my inbox when we start getting serious

Boss. I had big plans for it. Kumake flats. But at the beginning of the year some flats started collapsing hapa na pale in Nairobi na kanjo wakakuwa macho. Pia the plots ziko na siasa mob and they are the reason Kazungu Kambi was forced to step aside na ataenda kortini next week


Unfortunately, I don’t deal with land. All I’m saying is that if you intend to live on that piece of land, make sure it’s sizeable. Make sure you can do more than just build a house on it. Think sustainability. Borehole if possible. Solar. Biodiesel for gas. With a 3 to 5 acre, this is possible.

May be in Juja but be ready kujengewa maflats na neighbour. Kahawa Sukari is the best estate with quarter acres along Thika road and developments are controlled. But the price is 7-8m. Maybe after Kahawa Sukari Estate place Inaitwa Mwihoko.

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Go to Juja Farm. There are nice 1/4 plots for kitu 1m not far from the superhighway. Plus you can do some farming to sell produce to the neighbors.

Watu wameanza kujenga ama ni kwa bush?

be very careful in juja/thika,some areas guys develope move in then move out after 1 week.insecurity is still a big issue there

Na je kitengela? zile story za mungiki na wa maasai ziko?

pia kiserian ni problem nilipewa 1.5 acres na la familia huko corner baridi na that is the main problem




not sure about kiserian but thika road has serious issues with security the main reason i was forced to invest in kangundo.pale juja wale ma youth waligrow huko are a real nuisance,some even rape old grannies after stealing

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Kitengela huwezi kosa plots…But the place to find them is huko juu near Ostrich farm or Yukos. if you are about 1 - 2km inside from the namanga road you should get 0.5acre plots for like 2m