Plot to settle & construct

Kangundo kuko aje security wise na bei ni howmuch? My pal who lives around huko had to be rescued by red cross sometime last year after a night of heavy downpour

yes, Kangundo is unsafe, but can get an 1/8 (100 by 50) for between 500k to 1 million…I am facilitating the sale of land in KITENGELA AND UTAWALA(ni inbox)
The other alternative is Kitengela with serine environment(kuna a nice breeze for [B][I]maisonette[/I][/B]) shida ni jua kali, you can get a 1/4 (200 by 100) for between 1.5 million -3 million…
Utawala is also a nice place, you can get 1/4 ranging from 2 to 4 million
Now kujenga a nice [I][B]maisonette[/B][/I] you will need a company with a NCA certificate (you can inbox)and it will cost you over 5 million(including drawings and approval of architectural and structural drawings/designs…excavation, foundation, electrical installation, interior design, landscaping, walls, gates cctv etc

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watch njata tv, there are so many plots being advertised and they sound like good deals…

huku siwestembea usiku nikitoka bar

hehe understable, Richard Leaky ana nyumba yake on the slopes of that hill but its about 150 metres from the Kiserian-Ole polos rd. nafikiria kuweka[ATTACH=full]5322[/ATTACH] borehole at the bottom of the slope juu the shamba stretches upto a seasonal river hapo chini kwa valley, niweke some irrigation/farming project as I wait for the ‚ÄúGreater Southern Bypass‚ÄĚ (cycled in red) that will pass just next to the land since I still have age on my side

@kevinmvita so if I have kidu 5.5m itatosha kujenga the maisonette from scratch to it being ready for occupying, that is nikiwa na kaproti kangu

Nimeinbox everyone who has asked me to inbox them but no reply. Hata hakuna acknowledgement of receiving my mail.

create a pink handle ya Purr_28…watu watareply fastest!


Come I sell you half an acre Kabati 2km from the fly over near AA growers
And 150 meters from the tarmarc.

2.5 m with title deed. Or 3 40 x 80 plots with title deed all at 1.2 m.

Very quite and secure place. Electrocity and water available.

Electrocity is the best!

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Kumbe grammar Nazis have woken up.

Typing on tablets is F***kd up. Donge ??

kuja kwetu ndeiya

kabisa…nunua shamba hapana ploti…