Pliz advise. long read

I once asked at klost … about my pal former workmate who got very irresponsible wen drunk,i completely kosanad n blocked after he used to cme at my place @ 1:00 am wen drunk n snd me porm videos on watsupp

Fast forward…so jana after work i made the mistake of chilling with him in the afternoon (afadhali tu ningewatch series zangu in peace), hes very mature wen sober… later on we decide we go dancing
at natives

This was around 11 pm ,there was alcoblow near my place so since he’s the driver he says hakunywi anymore , we were tipsy ,bt once we reach there akaanza kukunywa

the drama started at 2:00 wen i went to the ladies ,so wen i came bac .I jst found our drinks , my coat which had my phne n money was nt there
By now the club is full , i just flashed bac to all the times hes been irresponsible. I dnt knw whether ni mchele amewekewa ama he went lookin fr a gal

You can imagine me with my six inch heels searching fr him all over went to the parking … till that soldier came n told me ako nahuko inje, wen i found him hes explanation ws alikuwa ananingojea nje ya choo . whch was a lie i totally lost it

So i got in total bitch mode n I get really fighty, i told hw careless he always is…it got so nasty .
so in short nimeshukishwa kwa stage @2 am (ths nt being the first time)wen I gt hme ndio am gettin in coherent txts. whether am fne n missed calls

Everyone used to run away frm this guy during co. cocktails
So talkers am the one who over reacts or r sme pple jst cnt b helped…?

Why hang out with him kama yeye ni sumbua?

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What were you doing in the loo for soo long? There can never be friendship between a boy and a girl. Inakaa he was expecting more during the day na hukumpea he had to go look for it

Wachana na huyo jamaa tafadhali. For your own peace of mind. You have no businesses hanging out with irresponsible adults, least of all, one who cannot seemingly handle their drink. My two Polish grosze.

“Everyone used to run away frm this guy duringco. cocktails” you have made clear why would you keep his company. Maybe uko lonely ama hauna boyfriend. Tukusaidie?

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nyinyi ma dame wa chase muko na drama mingi


Hiyo ndio ujinga…aki lesson learnt


you’re out with a guy at 2:00 am and both of you are drunk, what do you expect.

True u can’t b nice to everyone

Ths is the first tme after an incident where i insisted am goin to my place nt his after a co. party . . yeye na ujinga alilala kwa side ya barabara …ths was in 2013

True …ths is the same thng we talkd about jana coz he lost his iphone n 21k due to a stupid estate fight last week . . thn ths happens …SMH

Huyo kweli ni fala, after that first incident you should have avoided him kabisa.


You seem interested in the guy.
Just you can’t teach an old wangido some new tricks :rolleyes::rolleyes: just an observation.


npe no emotional intrest in him… i hve knwn him fr yrs jst dnt get hw stupid alcohol mkes pple


You seem interested in the guy.
Just you can’t teach an old wangido some new tricks :rolleyes::rolleyes: just an observation.

Yet you happen to know the nitty gritty of his incidents chronologically?? Mmh, be real and confront your fantasy, else that is what it will remain, FANTASY.


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I dnt get wat u trying to proove . .

what he is saying just give the guy a dry fry hadi kwa kunyi

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Kwani zile nyege zako zilikuwa zime kushika ulikuwa unatafuta mtu wa kukupiga mti?

:smiley: am nt in chase …tht was cousin’s picture