Pliz advise. long read

if you really want to help him, direct him to alcoholics anonymous…

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AA the kenyan fb group hehe

hehe ni mgani hapo niliku show na kujua majina zote tatu

Just a deduction, you got all the proof you need.;);):smiley:

Lol sikwambii

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so you stay along thika road?

Biological clock is ticking. Get a boyfriend




Women seem interested in bad boys pole @pur_27 ungenipigia i live only a stone throw way ningekuja like a kbight in shinning armour


Birds of a feather flock together… He is your type and you should continue enjoying life dramas… Most of what you typed is drunk blubbering.


And for advice most people here are concerned coz they want to ID you… Coz for sure you sound like a loser and very venerable…

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he he he,could not have said it more better

@Purr_27 , i will be honest with you. You are a real definition of blonde, confused and desperate woman. Get your act together. Foolish woman.

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Hehehe how old is he again? Estate fights? Anyway I think you two guyz are attracted to one another. A toxic relationship that will always be interesting fights and make up sex

Haha …dnt b silly

In his 30s thers no rship there .

Thanks blondy

If he is in his 30s and behaves like a campus boy then he is a loser. I can make a wild guess that he is from a rich family.

Just lay the guy na hii drama yote itaisha. Both of you want it. Time to get on with it.