People make real Money/wealth in their 50s and 60s. ~Tonnie Mello

Unakubaliana na huyu mbirrionaire?


I think 30s and 40s. By his 60s my grandpa was no longer interested in money. And I feel al be the same

He is right, spot on!

life is too short to still be chasing active income in your 60s. I wanna quit by 50 max. Earlier if I get lucky.

Not unless u wasted your youth abusing drugs, you should still be in excellent shape at 60

yeah but if i still have appetite for money at 60 then something went terribly wrong somewhere

Uhuru ako 61 na bado anatupiga njiti like never before. There’s nothomg wrong with wanting more money in a world where cash is KING

im not interested in being the richest man at the cemetery. I just wanna feel i lived greatly at my deathbed.

Wrong. Its his mom who is pushing him to bring in more money…otherwise he would be in kiambu rd dens high as a kite just as they found him before his presidential push.

Classic pissant proverb

That is obviously debatable

You are free to have useless role models if you so wish. I think for me I want to be like my grandpa. Take my foot off the accelerator and enjoy life.

He was only interested in busaa and thats why you are also still looking for money. Omubonobo rarely ever thinks beyond tomorrow.

As long as am happy. You chase your happiness.

Good luck
My maternal grandfather was 57 when I was born and was still working until he passed on 30 years later and I’ve seen he has always been well off.

I don’t think anybody retires,billionaires kama Warren Buffett still work ata that low earning retired Kenyan civil servant will still chase money.

Kumbe hii mbwa Tonnie Mello ndio hu-run The most useless “business website” in Kenya, full of made up stories kama hii nilipost hapa siku flani

Halafu kuna hii story ya kishenzi nimeona inatrend chochio media, isha-postiwa kwa hiyo website pia.
Why my Kenyan company has stopped employing Kenyan workers
It obviously originated from Nigeria and someone just “Kenyanized” it. Why do bonobos enjoy wallowing in mediocrity?

My grandpa was fucking college chics and enjoying life when he passed on. Initially I wanted to be exactly like him. But with time am realising I may not. He is still the one I draw inspiration from. Dude was a super hero. If I ever have grandchildren, I hope they think of me as I think of mine.



Colonel Sanders…