People make real Money/wealth in their 50s and 60s. ~Tonnie Mello

The same reason u enjoy your 9k salo

Just as you enjoy downloading stock photos.

by that time bendera itakua half mast ,so hauna sly queen karibu , unless ka swthrt kamoja , kenye kana kukumbusha kunywa dawa za hypertension , heart dis orders etc , hulipi shule , daktari amekutaza nyama , na pombe juu uta kufa , why then should you not be rich . :D:D:D:D

Men at 50s and 60s start worrying about money, they become stingy and tend to exploit the young to enrich themselves. This mostly apply to career men who strive to make a name in their career field only to be at their pick in mid 50s, but unfortunately they find out there is no cash to show for their status. Small benefits which come at late 30s and 40s blind many to think that real benefits will be in the future when they get those titles, lakini wapi? I think it is important to sacrifice your comfort at 30s and 40s and build a strong foundation for the future, but do not underestimate the role of politics in your growth. Being competent in your work isn’t enough, learn some leadership skills i.e let your colleagues believe in your leadership skills, you won’t fit being a technical person for long.

In my line of work I can attest to this. You stabilize your career 30s and make a name for yourself in 40s. 50s you’re done with school going kids and paid off your house. At that time if you’re smart more money should be coming in than going out.

At 50 sir God anisaidie niwe nimemaliza paper chasing. Right now wacha nikule job like there is no tomorrow

Its true because young people like @Jimit fear taking risks

We’ll risk money making ventures later on. For now let’s risk dipping our dicks in people’s wives

Basi tunangoja hekaya ya ule atatomba ile kitu shapeless ya @uwesmake

you make money in your 50s if you have been investing in your 30s and 40s…you cannot be drinking silly at 35 ,spending all your money on stupid expenses showing off and expect to have anything in your 50s.