This update is all about people who expect more then they have to offer. These people drive me nuts and to relieve the rage I have because of them I am going to hit back.

Now am sure you have heard of Njoki Chege; her articles or interviews if she has any. Remember her article about Subaru’s that caught everyone’s attention? She basically hurled insults and mocked Subaru owners. How are you going to ridicule someone’s effort, a person who has saved for years to buy that car, a person who has worked night and day, saved, taken loans from financial institutions to buy a car, then you mock his effort. What is wrong with you? Don’t you at least see the effort that person put in to purchase the car? Why would brand all Subaru owners names just because of a few rogue ones?

Back to Njoki Chege what does that excuse of a woman drive? A Mazda Demio!! The nerve that some people have!! Nkt.

I also read that she bashes men but on this one she is not alone because plenty of young girls in women’s body do that too. First of all the people who rubbish men the most are single mothers, sad but true. These ladies are very quick to call men all manner of names from dogs to weak and other unprintable words. My questions to these mothers are if a ‘dog’ was able to make you pregnant what does that make you? If a ‘stupid’ man was able to make you pregnant doesn’t that make you the bigger fool?

If you can call the father to your children such names perhaps that is the reason why he left your bitter ass? If you call men such names is your father included? What about your brothers and uncles? Njoki Chege has a daughter yet she calls men weak, what does that make her?If you ask me you’re weaker since a weak man tricked you into having a baby and left you!

Let me tell you of the other type of people who grind my ears!! The type of people who make many demands especially in relationships. For example an eastlands girl who will only date a guy who drives. Seriously?? You’re from eastlands, you don’t know how to drive, the closest you have ever been to driving is when you’re seated in an Ummoinner going to your 8-5, don’t know the price of a liter of petrol and you want a guy who can drive? Where is he going to park his car when he visits you in your bedsitter since the plot doesn’t have a parking?

The girls who are like oh I can’t date a short guy, or a pot bellied guy, NONSENSE! If you look closely at the girls who talk about these standards they’re the ones with nothing to offer; cheap weaves, bad breath, crooked legs etc. People like you shouldn’t even have standards you should be glad that someone even talks to you!

Also to the guys… Oh sijui my wife must have no stretchmarks, oh she must be in shape even after two kids and a full time job. Really dude? Do you think she is Mary mother of Jesus who conceived through the Holy Spirit? The guys who make these demands you wouldn’t even look at them twice

Bottom line is before you open your mouth to demand or mock someone else’s looks or achievement ask yourself how do I compare with them? If you want a guy who looks like Boris Kodjoe do you look like Sanaa Lethan yourself? If you want a lady who looks like Alicia Keys do you look like Trey Songz yourself?

Otherwise stop making demands even you yourself can’t meet! If you observe keenly the most beautiful people don’t make these demands simply because they know their match. Its always the facially challenged that make these demands so that their partners can make up for what they could not.

Look at Njoki Chege, to be sincere I wouldn’t even touch her with a 20 feet pole. I looked at her and lost my appetite.[ATTACH=full]6016[/ATTACH]


I would still fúck her with no rubber…nothing is as arousing as a controversial lady


@junkie that’s a weird fetish you have.

Acknowledge source. This looks like the work of Bikozulu or Crazynairobian. Wewe na fantasy zako hujafika hii level.


Ukijishugulisha na every busy body the likes of Njoki Shege utakufa mapema.


There are three types of females.

  1. Brilliant females who don’t need to be controversial to be noticed. Think of First Lady Margaret Kenyatta.
    2.Beautiful females who don’t need to be controversial to be noticed.
  2. Ugly females who have to be controversial to be noticed. Njoki Chege and the like fall in this category. Think about it, would you know who that cow is if she didn’t write those things?

I am glad you think highly of the work FYI I don’t plagiarize if I had copied I would have acknowledged the author. Ama ukona evidence?


Yenyewe hapo Uhunye aliangukia.


@Owuadn exactly my point!

am not a fan of that girl though she is beautiful and brilliant.
… but tha last two articles she penned on kiambu women and blueband (boys) were spot on.

This lady is cute

She is beautiful? Where? Different strokes for different people though but I can’t deny she is a good writer.

:eek: Low standards



Kuna mtu fulani alimchapa 10-0 hapa …


@ Mzee mzima, good points there.

Let me introduce another perspective, albeit not very related to your observations. I’ve noted that because of lack of quality journalists, these newspapers including the once respectable DN are bringing on board writers who will shock and consequently, attract readership. I am sure this Njoki Chege thing is egged on by editors to come up with ridiculous stories in order to retain the otherwise dwindling readers. If, for instance, I came up with a post here titled ‘I slept with my real sister’, you’d expect a lot of clicks. These papers are employing similar tactics to capture the readers’ attention.

Yes, I hate judging people based on how they look, but Njoki Chege shouldn’t go around looking for Alehadro-like men; her looks prohibits her from entertaining such fantasies.

The problem with some women is that they’ve been socialised into believing that whatever is in between their legs is of such a great value that the ‘lucky’ man to access it should be driving, reside ‘west’ of Nairobi, and have a dazzling payslip. If they only knew how much damage that V thing has inflicted on men, they’d devalue it by at least 10,000%. Remove the ‘Nairobi/modernity’ influence from the girls and you’ll discover that some of them were dishing it free of charge to some village loafer in a coffee plantation somewhere in Muchatha, a few years back. It’s only after this modernity farce stupefies them that they start to grossly overvalue themselves.


You’ve stolen words from my mouth ,shindwe!

mau magego mah ni ta ma vampire!!

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