I agree with you and what @karl marx has just said. She is paid to do that but I wonder how she deals with the insults directed her way.

Fact is, most drivers of the small Subaru Impreza and Legacy are young, stupid, immature idiots. Last week someone even posted a memo from AIG on how they will not be insuring those tu subarus and BMW below 1.5M. I called the author of that memo and his reasons were compelling enough. . Hate or love Njoki, Imprezas and small legacys ni gari ya pumbavus

I don’t read her column anymore after the subaru piece, saw her pic and was like bitch please. This one in a typical club in Nairobi won’t be hit on by anyone, labda aende place kama kamakis for outing ama mahali Mike rua Ana perform.

Ati beautiful, labda una cataracts.

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Who da fuck is njoki shege.

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Its so sad to see men discussing a lady as if ni mushene. Wanaume tulikosea wapi? Nowornder @grace msalame huwaita herbivores men

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Hehe, hapa kuna fan wa Njoki Shege amecatch donge


I dont agree with what she writes but I think she is just doing her job for payment. I suggest that she does not even mean what she writes. If you approach her, I am sure she would not care where you live or what you drive. The only problem is that with time, she will start believing what she is writing.

wazee wazima hawakimbilii nyundo kugonga inzi…

wazee wa subaru wafaa wajue gari huwa na silencer kwa jospipe na pia music system huwa na volume control…si nikigutushwa kutoka kwa usingizi saa tisa na 32 minutes nikichungulia nakuta kumbe ni ile subaru ya kijana wa jirani…

@karl marx - welcome to the age of titillation journalism…the young have simply refused to read -except inane jokes, gossip, weird cartoons, ridicule, hate reports, superstitious trash, sexual hyperbole, - things that arouse base instincts on social media and emerging “newspapers” such as the Nairobian…

One of the ways journalists, or any other good communicators get you to read their stories is to challenge your comfort zone…

@Mzee mzima - don’t look at the “ugly” girl; look at the bizarreness of taking an expensive loan to buy a consumer product such as a blue subaru to go club hopping with on saturday nights instead of a capital good that will help you generate more wealth to buy yourself a from-the-showroom merc or porsche…


Well said. Tell them. Hata Nancy Roxane wa SDE writes like Njoki na sioni watu wakicatch. People should learn to laugh at the humour n move on

:D:D:D Ati kamakis.

Could you, in the interests of curiosity, share those reasons with us? Please?

Read J. Baraza’s article (last week, 20th May)

Weka reasons hapa.
And summarize.

@Luther12 …Tafuta hio article, pris

Gatheti huwekwa hapa Daily . Atafute bundles


Will do.

Munaskia hii maneno kina purr27?

Dakitari Kwani pia wewe ni team Subaru,naona una catch tu feelings on a monday?