The internet is the New sidewalk. Today I met someone I came to know thru a forum on the net. I first met him on the net and we became good friends, he would help me with a project I was doing,I helped him when he was down financialy. He would use his photo for his avatar.I never use mine. So when he opened a business next to mine. I immediately recognized him but decided to stay anonymous.As fate would have it we still became good frens.He closed shop and moved to another town. This week am in that town.The first shop I popped into there he was. He was so happy to see me,he’s buying me lunch. My question is should I tell him about the fact that I know him from way way back in the forum or act like I only know him from the shop? I think he’d be embarrassed how much I know about him when we were in the forum! So I should only reminisce about when he was my shop neighbor, btw hakai poa, its like ako down kiasi. And pls don’t tell me men and women cant be friends. We both have families. And we are both Christians. Kwanza I need consultation on another project. Alinisaidia sana the last time.


You just had to bash the guy. Makes you feel good eeh? Yeah we know exactly how Christian you are.



Butchery kama hivyo huwezi jua ni myama gani unakula.


hizo vidole za miguu zinakaa za dem

[ATTACH=full]128977[/ATTACH] Si utanitumia hizo picha kwa WhatsApp

Its true he looks hang over. Or something! Anyway, wacha nijibambe,hard work waiting for me in this town.

Do you want to sleep with him or you need help with your Project???
just get a position where you can answer those questions and go a head. life is complicated in nature so you should not try to complicate it more.

Chunga reach husband asijue akiwa pale karen.

Town gani? Pia sisi tukuje lunch

You should tell him BTW.

NO!NO!NO! Godforbid! Is everything in this world about sex.Ive known him over 5yrs. Surely. Im concerned about how he looks n want to catch nimjulie hali,project is just btw. He has been thru some tuff tyms but we supported him in the forum.He was a favourite in the forum.The forum darling who was friends with every1 and an arbitrator2squabbles.

Forum gani?

am outa here not again

hata ikue ya mtu ni sawa bora usikufe

Bila mbisha ya mkila uroda naye nkuone-------------------------->

ataja kukukamua siku moja. and you will narrate the tale to your kids’ kids

Unless aniweke mchele sioni. I don’t meet in private and don’t drink,so atanipata wapi?