We endelea kuota. Am dying neva having slept with anyone in my entire life but my husband.

knowing you is enough. itaanza na kaselfie

Many men know me more than him! I know your generation is used to women who have sex at the drop of a hat! So its very hard4u2imagine how a woman can avoid these things. Maybe one day you will meet real women&even men who value their sexuality and reserve it only4their spouses.

unfortunately they are only as real as me. its a new world order. real things ended with ile blueband ya mkebe ya chuma

@GeorginaMakena ,leo nimekupatia jina yangu uitumie for a day:D:D:D[ATTACH=full]129053[/ATTACH]

We ni Dr Jerkyll au Mr Hyde?

I think you mean Tom Bamimi? No?