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Elders kaeni chini ya miti na watoto wenu, you do not matter.

ni vizuri mjue lane yenu muache kupiga kelele na kucomplicate maneno[ATTACH=full]344678[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]344679[/ATTACH]

Hata sisi tulisomea eastlands schools owned by city council while others walisomea Braeburn.
These divisions will always exist and have always existed.

uliona Moi akituma serikali Braeburn kuendeleza izo divisions? Divisions zitakuwa, lakini hapana simama kwa meza kutangazia masikini tuko ivi na ivi. io ni madharau enye hustlers hawataki


And sadly once hustlers elect Ruto guess who will get those plum ambassadorial and other government postings? Those same peponi spoilt brats!

Why call the student at Peponi brats?? They didn’t choose those schools for themselves. Hata wewe hua na poor people’s proverbs?

Woow just woow…this is so not true. How many ex Peponi students hold these posts currently? when most of them are expat kids only there for the education because their parents are working there on contracts? na ikimalizika wanarudi kwao…?
Hakuna haja ya kuwekelea WSR vitu hajafanya. Furthermore, he largely educates his kids in Kenya. Unlike the Kenyattas.

Hapana bwana, those kids are not what you are trying to call them. FYI, the environment makes them way better. I have interacted with some people from there.

Kazi kwa gava siku hizi ni bidii, at least most

Ruto is no different to the Kenyatta’s and the dynasties he goes on and on about, it would be foolish to expect he would be any different yet he has been part of arguably the most wasteful and corrupt administration yet

By peponi i meant all high end private schools. My good friend Yvonne khamati is a proud alumni of peponi

True most are great people…but the likes of Gideon, uhuru, jimmy give them a very bad name…or you think they care about you?

I have never exenorated him from the under achievements of the Jubilee Party and the runaway corruption. But looking at the lineup as it is currently, I will go for WSR. Coz TBH the battle as it is is between him and Jakuon.

She is one out of hundreds. Majority of those students in those schools fly back to their countries of origin or elsewhere.

True majority fly back but i remember my time at foreign affairs and trade ministry and later in 2 other government postings where most of the people i joined with were from those schools( this was kibakis second term).Kwanza i remember one interviewer didn’t even hide it, all he did was to ask where you schooled and that was the end of the interview…i can name for you over 50 officers at foreign affairs( not necessarily based in kenya) who were from those schools…hii mchezo sio ya hustlers…sisi kazi yetu ni kupiga kura then patiently wait for crumbs

This is unnecessary hate towards people that did not decide to be born in those wealthy families. Good people and bad people are found all across the board na hainalishi ones family.

You think uhuru cares about you:D:D

Tafuta pesa kisha upeleke watoto huko, wacha story za sour grapes

Aii? Tf you on about now? Uhuru is who to me?

:D:D luckily some of us in the NGO world can have our kids in those schools for FREE…sio lazima tukue na pesa