PDU Delivery

Then you do know that some clown will hate on them the same way you’re hating on them rn?

Have you taken your kids to these schools?

My boy is only turning 3 in May

I always thought you were well into your 40’s.

Am not far from 40…I turn 37 on April 2.

Reeeally?? If you had such privileges, you’d be having at least one mtoi in. But with the machungu uko nayo, looks like sour grapes. How do I know? I even have my elder sister’s kids ndani yao using my account.

Relax man…mimi ni maskini hustler …happy now?

No! Calling kids studying at Peponi brats?? Jipange mujamaa

You packed in a lot on your CV at 37y/o.

:D:D lala bwana, are you a voter

Kila mtu na mbahali yake

Foreign and trade stints were both within the same year…luckily i wasn’t under direct government payroll so leaving was easy. Came back after 3years and again was at 3 consecutive govt institutions within 2years but as researcher then consultant. Then left again
My government has only employed me once…but i dint even get to report to my station…
So my cv aint that extensive… i just happen to move around a lot. And thats how i ended up settling in 2 countries.

Quite commendable I must say. I am a civil servant so can resonate a lot with what you say. My plan was to move around too but family got in the way and career had to take a back seat. Stints are 3 years out there etc hata huku. Looking to pick this up this year. I always wanted to venture to Southern Africa but I think I have changed my mind over the years and would like to try Asia. Coz how it works here is 3 years in a region of your choice say Africa, Asia, Americas, Carribean name it. And on and on…with stints back here…
You have done well as the benefits are good.

Do they give you a choice of a country?

Truth is Covid doesn’t really affect kids like it does adults, so these measures are a little extreme. And I would think zile mtoto za uliam we’re in such schools locally?

You choose a geographical area such as East and South Africa etc…when posts come up you are alerted. However, you cannot be sent anywhere you have not asked to go even if there are vacancies there. You must pass psychometric tests, must learn one of the local languages, be prepared to be on call 24hrs…but the benefits are too good. Free education for your children, travel allowances to come back home, unlimited mizigo allowance, free accommodation with access to swimming pools, a bar, tennis courts etc and all that…yaani all you buy is food and clothes. You know they are housed in places like Kitisuru. [SIZE=1]The Kyuk in me cannot ignore the savings I will make while in post.[/SIZE]