PayPal M-pesa.

I have just withdrawn some small cash and after 2 hrs it said the transaction could not be completed but’s it’s deducted already from my PayPal account. I’m I simply fucked or what’s up with that shit? It’s the first time I’m seeing such. Any ideas?

Pigia safaricom

I did. They said it’s paypal’s end not theirs.

probably it will come after/before 48hrs

nah paypal mpesa works perfectly check your balance

I hope so.

I did, over & over.

Then have Paypal call you…

give it time til kesho ndio uanze tension

PayPal imekua meffi siku hizi, like now I can’t withdraw to Mpesa but I can send and pay for stuff.
My problem is that a number of my clients insist on using it so I incur huge transactional costs using third party accounts to withdraw.
I have linked the account with my MasterCard plus all my personal ID but bado. When I try to add an account they ask for a US based bank.
What am I saying… Your situation is a bit better than mine

Have you ever been in a similar situation as mine? How do you contact Thune? saf says it’s paypal and paypal says I should contact thune who is thune if not mpesa?


Please sign up for stripe atlas, it helps a lot.I can’t recommend PayPal to anyone unless your transacting low volumes

Pole bro, Your case is very disheartening. Hizi mashida zilianza na hawa Thune washenzi, I dont know why safcom decided to involve a third party
I am cashing out right away, sitakimtu acheze na pesa yangu

More info

Now, I don’t know what the fuck man. I’d probably switch to linking with a card now, the odds are better.

What is the threshold for low volumes and with what frequency?
I intend to transact by the end of the month…

Happened to me also. Withdraw again and all will be well.

Yea it’s now working

I also had an issue with paypal where they with held my funds,

Nilihamia payoneer and thats the best decision i have ever done. Payoneer exchange rates are better and you can withdraw from any atm ukiwa na payoneer card, eg getting cash from paypal->mpesa->agent wanakula pesa mingi sana. I hadn’t realised this mpaka nkaeka payoneer. I have never had a problem