PayPal M-pesa.

Sorry, what do you mean withdraw again? The funds were already deducted in the paypal account.

I’m going to try out this but about the funds, you got em back?

Repeat that transaction again. You will get a mail stating you have a refund from THUNES and your balance will reflect in your paypal then continue on to withdraw.


Yes I did.

Bro, how can I repeat the transaction again when it says insufficient balance? The amount in request exceeds the balance left. Kindly explain in detail, I’m afraid I’m a blonde in this matter.

I also did the transaction at first and it failed and when i checked my balance at paypal it was $0. I went back and did the transaction again and thunes refunded back my money which i was then successfully able to withdraw.But I did not have any issues like saying insufficient balance. Just give it another try.[ATTACH=full]262089[/ATTACH]

You lucky man. I didn’t try to withdraw again immediately. I just emailed them. When you told me of that I tried to go back but it said insufficient balance and it won’t go through. I did the transaction the same day as you, I wish I went back immediately and tried to withdraw, maybe I’d have got my money back because those people won’t reply to my mail

Did you ever get a refund? If so, after how many days?