Pana Shida?

I need your assistance here. Ok, last year there was this poko I used to fuck a lot (I normally fuck a poko once or twice but this one was different). She used to give me a very sweet raw BJ mpaka I was addicted to her (yaani I would fuck her whenever we meet kama ni SJ, Rico, Tea room etc). This year in Jan she kinda disappeared and switched off her phone kabisa. I saw her early last month in SJ where I again took her to my place and we fucked (I have always used protection). She then disappeared and I saw her jana in Tea room. Now the problem is she looked different. Her once shiny, bubbly, vibrant eyes seemed dull, sleepy and distant. She’s kinda slimmed and did not accept my offer to buy her a drink (kitambo she would drink sana). I figured something might have been wrong so I asked her but wouldn’t say. So nikamwambia ningependa (maanake tumejuana kwa muda) twende kwangu tufanye kavukavu to which she said yes. I asked her if she was comfortable doing it without an HIV test akasema yuaniamini. I sensed danger, so I gave her some fake excuse and left (nikamwaachia 300 bob) with a promise of doing it over the weekend. Swali ni, huyu dame anaweza kuwa aliambukizwa na sasa yuataka kuniambukiza?



most probably, in in 2009. I saw a poko fade and die in front of my eyes in somerset

A case of a fool and his money …:(:frowning:

"She used to give me a very sweet raw BJ"o_O
I begin from the above statement, In short, stop what you are doing right now, ran and get tested ASAP. This shall answer all your concerns (I don’t think you need any other assistance from us here). Good luck!:frowning:

Test muhimu.

Sasa watu kama hawa utaanza wapi ata ukitaka kuwasaidia?Just go and lie on train tracks and wait for a train to come and run you over.


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Hajaambukizwa… Please go ahead and dry fry her.

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hamia team kawasaki uncle, stress ziishe

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Dude! Don’t be a statistic. Run for the hills as fast as you can. Life is so precious. Mend your ways as currently there is no light at the end of your tunnel…All the best and stay safe…

Luwere Luwere luwere luweereee X2
Luwere Nyasaye aghulide…
#whistling and walking away from this thread shaking my shaved head


Unataka mkufe pamoja ?

Raw BJ, big mistake bro, rush asap to the nearest VCT, na kama mambo ni mbaya don’t worry you can live a long fulfilling life “positively”

Ndio. Mimi ndiye huyo Poko.

In this life ,i believe there are pple who can precisely predict the fate of their life, meaning what they’ll succumb to…Kama wewe ndugu UKIMWI ITAKUUA …take care :mad:

She has it probably infected by one of her clients.and to her right now all men are the same,ofcourse she will infect others, and just coz you didnt sleep with her dont mean your safe kuna mwingine atakupea kavuif i were you i would change my ways and get change my ways is have one partner ata kama ni poko and always use protection.always

kimbia VCT na ulete majibu hapa…

Hahahaha. . .

Nothing will happen to you because of BJ in regard to HIV. However, you might contract gonnorhoea and become infertile or syphilis and go mad. or some other horible infections. I must admit some of the people of that trade hare professors at doing it and are good at sex although you will never be proud of banging them. You might get hooked on them. Regular women are of course usually shitty and smelly in bed unless she is a sort of a hooker chini ya maji. it takes time for a regular girl to learn this stuff. thats why people in their thirties like some talkers here are very good at handing out that thing.