Openbox V8 Combo

[ATTACH=full]73359[/ATTACH] Looking for this device from a reliable person on Monday any contacts?

Niko nayo

Can you deliver to Ngong road, whats the price?

Labda nitume na bus, am in mombasa, price is 7k

Nai ni 5500shs

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…Wapi? I got mine at 6,300 but since I have several clients wanataka, I wouldn’t mind that price.


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Boss @Yule Karis Black, where in. ke is open V8 retailing at 5,500?

@muzombozi kuja hapa

@Giggz iko kazi hapa

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Inbox your orders, i will deliver within the CBD.

You are being trolled. :D:D:D:D

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Mambo zamani V8

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nataka remote yake…nitaipataje and at what price?

Why does anyone want v8?

what’s wrong with it, any alternative?

V7 combo

what features surpasses the v8

Software updates. v8 is no longer supported.

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is the v7 readily available in Nairobi