Openbox V8 Combo

…Yes it is.


where can i get and how much

You didn’t answer: waitakia nini kwanza? ujue if it’s the appropriate gadget for you. Otherwise, papa hapa kwa kijiji mna wauzaji.

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first kuona fta then channel za dish

Unclear. Let me summon @Giggz and @muzombozi to assist.

yaani movie channels, series, documentaries and kids shows

No problem, those talkers personally stock them so they’ll get in touch soon as they’re online. Else take a trip to Luthuli na uchunge counterfeits.


ndiye huyu mimi @Luther12, nimechelewo kidogo. And yes V8 is inferior to V7.


How much does one pay monthly or annually if there are any charges to enjoy the satellite channels ?

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For FTA there’re no periodic subscription costs, just the one-time outright purchase.

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Which satellite channels will i be getting apart from the usual local channels ?

Subject to your location and equipment:

Etc as already elucidated on other FTA threads.

once you procure and install the equipment there are no additional charges. There are about 20000 FTA channels in the air of which about 3000 have beams covering us. You just need right equipment.

Feed your location here

and see the beams receivable where you are.


saidia mimi na list ya right equipment if you can .thank you.

Depending on location and channells/target content we can advise you. The basic is a “satellite dish”, cable,Lnbfeedhorn (Cband /Ku band) and an Mpeg 4 decoder.


what is the purpose of an mpeg 4 decoder?

You know what MPEG-4 is, right? A decoder with such capability is recommended because most satellite tv transmissions are in that standard. One with only MPEG-2 for instance would not open a channel like DW Tv on SES-5 @5°E whose transmissions are in MPEG-4.


What is an estimate of the total cost of all these equipment to get started?