Online shopping locally

I must say kenya tuko mbere tu kiplani nowadays I mean u can shop for anything online pale Jumia and have it delivered to your doorstep.
Even food and mzingas(but I don’t how I feel about tht coz nv minors might use some tricks to buy alcohol online)
I see some nice shirts that I admire and I can imagine myself in them shida ni ati I’ve never bought clothing from them sijui vile quality yao iko and some tops ni poa ukitry before u buy is it possible wakukubalishe uvae kama haijakunice u send back.[ATTACH=full]131972[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]131973[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]131974[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]131975[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]131976[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]131977[/ATTACH]

Hehe, Jumia wamekulipa pesa ngapi uwa-market kwa hii kijiji?

Hii sio marketing but if an idea is brilliant let’s be positive about it embrace it. Akuna mwingine anauza food online

wameniuzia Chromecast juzi na iko sawa na waka deliver in one day . na kunipigia simu baadaye ku confirm

Kuna hii pia

full discretion, site ni yangu.

Now that’s marketing. Nice idea though

Are those discounts for real? Unga 2kg 45¿

I have been toying with such an idea but apparel. issue is sizes and fitting. Kama mali iko do some fb ads which are worth shit. thank me with truffles.

i do some adverts on fb and instagram.

kesho will inbox you tuongee bizz


As a big online buyer. Here are my top 10 stores locally.

  1. - For such a big store, the have unparalled customer service. I have bought almost 10 appliances from them as well as my phone. The same day or 24hr max delivery is a very big plus. They only sell electronics and home appliances

  2. - obviously they have the largest catalogue locally. Way better than Kilimall. They have a growing array of fake merchandise as well due to ‘loose’ verification of some of the merchants.

  3. - very affordable ,durable authentic bags. They have both bagpacks and messenger bags. Prices range from 3500-4500. I was very pleased with the bag my girlfriend got me from this store.

  4. - Fresh and free food delivery with a rotation menu which ensures that you don’t get tired from eating the same shit over and over again. Prices are also quite affordable for the amount of food served. The kshs 200-300 packs usually account for 2 meals.

You can find a larger catalogue of such niche stores from . However pale Kuna a bunch of over expensive stores for real birrionaires so be warned.

And then there is for those that want to buy quality second hand material(furniture, electronics etc) from actual UN expats leaving the country. I bought a bunch of outdoor gear here and the fact that you can only post on the website if you work at the UN ensures that hakuna frauds kama OLX.

Hiyo ya UN umenichanua saana my fren. Sande sana

Kindly take note that the unon site has a lot of shiny eyes canvassing as diplomats to make a sale… Thank you

True dat. I noticed but grandpa said you have to work there in order to post. So the only issue could be the price

Snapdragon you must be devising a scheme to outwit online buyers and shift from pedestrian targets

Yeah. You can’t. I have bought a number of items. The list is not only for expats. Anybody working at the UN can post. Most of the times people will even ask you to pick up the items at the UN complex and will sign you in at the gate.

This one is totally legit. Some are a bit pricey but you can get EXTREMELY good deals once in a while especially in furniture, paintings etc.

how is this going for u…i have a product which i am struggling to sell

nice…bt kabla upeleke production angalau badilisha iyo logo…pay someone 1k,it goes along way n thank me later

Its tough. Kenyans dont respond well to online e-commerce startups. They will happily buy from a physical shop but unless you are one of those big stores listed up there the uptake is slow